Apple’s iPhone is back and analysts say it’s here to stay

Wall Street analysts were heartened by a rebound in Apple iPhone sales after a year of decline. Analysts said strong demand for new models, spurred by trade-in programs and discounts on older models, mean’s Apple’s iPhone is back and it’s here to stay. At least 15 brokerages raised their price targets on the company’s stock on Wednesday.

iPhone sales - iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come in Midnight Green, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold finishes.
iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come in Midnight Green, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold finishes.

Sales were boosted by the first full quarter of iPhone 11, which is priced $50 less than its iPhone XR predecessor, said Gene Munster, a longtime Apple watcher and managing partner at Loup Ventures… “We see Apple’s December 2019 quarter as a microcosm for its calendar 2020 performance, with the iPhone, once again, returning to the front and center,” D.A. Davidson analyst Tom Forte said.

Oppenheimer analyst Rick Schafer said the widely touted release of a 5G iPhone later this year would likely boost demand…

Investors have become excited about services because they believe they will lead to durable profits: the services are sold as a subscription billed each month or year, with most consumers leaving them on autopilot, while a new phone or laptop is often a sporadic purchase every few years, subject to the whims of consumer sentiment.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPhone never left.


  1. It’s hard to understand those who constantly bash Apple and call it a failing company which has no innovation. It doesn’t make any sense. I might not like Facebook, but it’s certainly a profitable company and I’m not going around telling people not to use it or not buy their stock. I simply don’t use Facebook because I’m not interested in it. Apple has been performing well for years, so why wouldn’t it be worthwhile to at least hold the stock in a portfolio.

    How can anyone say Apple isn’t a good company to invest in is beyond me. Analysts who tell people to SELL Apple stock clearly don’t know what they’re talking about and shouldn’t be trusted with any sort of financial duties. Finally, Jun Zhang got canned after misleading investors for such a long time. He wasn’t even close to knowing anything about Apple. I kind of feel sorry for clients who followed his advice. A chimp could probably do a better job of picking a stock and I could at least understand if the chimp did a poor job. Zhang is like a weatherman saying it’s not going to rain while standing in a downpour. That’s just terrible advice.

      1. Of course, any sort of investment is a gamble precisely because no one knows the future.. When I purchase anything at all, be it stocks, government bonds, even a hairbrush at Marks & Spencer, I am in effect tossing dice. A scandal might ruin a company’s market value overnight; a government might be overthrown and its assets vanish. I might become a Buddhist monastic, shave my head, and discard the hairbrush along with the rest of my worldly possessions. Bye-bye, ROI.

        Ay, rail at gaming – ’tis a rich topic, and affords noble declamation. Go, preach against it in the city – you’ll find a congregation in every tavern. – George Edward Moore

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