Apple debuts new video for Apple Arcade: Great games for the holidays

Apple’s YouTube channel:

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MacDailyNews Note: Games highlighted in the video:

[00:00] What The Golf, by Triband
[00:02] Hot Lava, by Klei Entertainment
[00:03] Super Mega Mini Party, by Red
[00:04] Cricket Through The Ages, by Free Lives | Devolver
[00:05] Chu Chu Rocket! Universe, by SEGA
[00:06] What The Golf, by Triband
[00:24] Cat Quest II, by Gentlebros Games
[00:36] Super Impossible Road, by Rogue Games, Inc. | Wonderful Lasers Inc.
[00:55] Sneaky Sasquatch, by RAC7
[01:14] Steven Universe: Unleash the Light, by Cartoon Network
[01:26] Patterned, by BorderLeap
[01:39] Exit The Gungeon, by Dodge Roll | Devolver
[01:57] Punch Planet, by Block Zero | Sector-K Games
[01:58] What The Golf, by Triband
[02:00] Sneaky Sasquatch, by RAC7
[02:01] Agent Intercept, by PikPok

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