Pixelmator Pro’s new ML Super Resolution feature is pure magic

Pixelmator Team:

It’s no secret that we’re pretty big fans of machine learning and we love thinking of new and exciting ways to use it in Pixelmator Pro. Our latest ML-powered feature is called ML Super Resolution, released in today’s update, and it makes it possible to increase the resolution of images while keeping them stunningly sharp and detailed. Yes, zooming and enhancing images like they do in all those cheesy police dramas is now a reality!

Making this available in an app like Pixelmator Pro has only become possible in the last couple of years — even on Mac computers from 5 or so years ago, ML Super Resolution can take minutes to process a single image due to slower performance and less available memory. On the latest hardware, however, images are processing in a few seconds, and even faster on iMac Pro, Mac Pro, or any Mac with multiple GPUs thanks to our use of Core ML 3 and its multi-GPU support. For the same reasons, the performance of ML Super Resolution is also significantly improved when using an eGPU.

Pixelmator Pro 1.5.4 is now available from the Mac App Store, so head on down there and make sure you’re up to date. The trial version has also been updated so if you don’t yet have a copy, you’re welcome to try it out. That’s it for now, but we hope to surprise you with one more cool new feature before the year is up — stay tuned!

MacDailyNews Take: We use Pixelmator Pro daily and highly recommend the app!

Note: The 1.5.4 update is still propagating in Apple’s Mac App Store at time of publishing.

Check out the difference:

Pixelmator Pro's new ML Super Resolution feature
Pixelmator Pro’s new ML Super Resolution feature

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