Apple patent application reveals self-tightening Apple Watch band with health sensors

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5 features the Always-On Retina display

Apple has filed for another U.S. patent for a self-tightening Apple Watch band that could also include health sensors.

Dennis Sellers for Apple World Today:

In the patent filing, Apple notes that the watchband could sport an “air bladder,” processing unit and a health sensor included in a housing, a band operable to couple the housing to a body part of a user, and a tightness sensor coupled to the band. The tightness sensor and health sensor could work in tandem to monitoring changes in the tightness of the band, adjust tightness, and measure various health/fitness metics.

MacDailyNews Take: While our Apple Watches are quite comfortable for all-day wear, the ability to adjust to the perfect fit every time would transform a very good experience into an insanely great one!


  1. A band of this nature with accompanying sensors could collect blood pressure data. That would be extremely useful for half or more of the population. I doubt that comfort is the primary reason for designing, and contemplating manufacturing, air bladders into a watch band.

  2. This is a path to experimental medicine aimed to evaluated and diagnose or to monitor progress. Not mentioned was the obvious wireless Bluetooth or other means to collect and display on an iPhone or Apple Watch.

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