Apple CEO Cook: Privacy isn’t a feature that should be built into products after the fact

When speaking at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the importance of privacy, saying that privacy must be present throughout the development process when creating new products, not something you can try to “bolt-on” later.

Lisa Eadicicco for Business Insider:

“You don’t bolt-on privacy,” Cook said. “You think about it in the development process of products. You can see what happens when companies wake up one day and decide they’re going to do something privacy-wise. You just can’t do it. You have to design it in.”

Cook has been increasingly vocal about Apple’s focus on privacy in recent years amid increasing concerns about how large tech firms are handling consumer data. The Apple CEO has said on several occasions that privacy is a fundamental human right, and the company has made privacy the center of some of its advertisements.

MacDailyNews Take: So true. Privacy must be integral and foundational.


  1. Without fundamental privacy, there is no maximization of personal security hence the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution which Bush/Cheney/Neocons negated with Bush’s signing of the lyingly named US Patriot Act that Congress was and still is prohibited from reading. The weaseling Congress changed its name to another lie: US FreedomAct with no substantive lessening of NSA spying on innocent citizens. To my chagrin and surprise, the House, including AOC and Ohmar, re-authorized it, and just yesterday. The Senate is yet to vote.
    That is what Apple’s heroic anti-intrusive anti-spying programme it repeatedly, unambiguously, and vehemently states and which it implemented within its electronic devices is key to our enshrined 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure, which must state probable cause in a non-secret warrant which must specify the item and location to prevent fishing expeditions that dictatorial regimes depend upon to oppress people’s legitimate aspirations and activities.

  2. Both privacy AND security must be built-in, not bolted on late in the development process. They are highly related but not the same thing, as even Mac Safari’s own preferences has them under their own distinct tabs.

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