The Morning Show’s producers chalk up negative reviews to ‘Apple haters’

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in The Morning Show on Apple TV+, available on the Apple TV app in over 100 countries and regions since November 1st.
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in The Morning Show on Apple TV+, available on the Apple TV app in over 100 countries and regions.

Some negative reviewers may have made up their minds before watching The Morning Show, executive producers Mimi Leder and Kerry Ehrin said onstage at Code Media in Los Angeles.

Shirin Ghaffary for Recode:

The Morning Show, which debuted on Apple TV+, is a series about a morning news TV show set in the Me Too era. The producers of the show, Mimi Leder and Kerry Ehrin, talked onstage at Recode’s Code Media conference about the challenges of launching a high-profile show on a new service, and some of the mixed critical reviews it’s received.

“When those reviews came in, I didn’t know what show they were watching. And I just kind of thought they were nuts,” said Leder, director and executive producer of the show, who is known for her previous work on shows like ER and The West Wing. “I just felt there were a lot of Apple haters and wanting Apple to fail.”

“The good news is that people love the show, and we love the show, and that’s what matters,” said Leder.

MacDailyNews Take: The anti-Apple bias in certain early reviews of The Morning Show was obvious and palpable. We bet you can read the reviews and figure out which reviewer has stuck themselves with an Android phone and/or a Windows PC.

When Apple TV+ shows are reviewed by those without an anti-Apple agenda, the reviews are excellent. Read the reviews closely and, in some, you can clearly see the anti-Apple sentiment colors their reviews. — MacDailyNews, November 3, 2019

The Morning Show is a high quality show, eminently watchable, well-written, and interesting, with some stellar acting (Jennifer Aniston is a revelation especially). On any non-Apple service, The Morning Show would generate uniformly rave reviews. The wide disparity of the reviews is clear evidence that some reviewers have ulterior agendas.

Why do some people have an anti-Apple bias? Because they are ignorant masochists who made the wrong choice and, at least subconsciously, realize they blew their money, time, and patience on inferior wares and so they dig in deep in order to protect themselves mentally. Defense mechanisms are psychological strategies brought into play by the mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety in order to maintain one’s self-worth. “Apple is ‘bad,’ therefore I made the right choice.”

Cobbling together a computer [fake Mac] from one maker, a tablet [pretend iPad] from another, and a phone [wannabe iPhone] from yet another is not “the right choice.” It is stupid and inefficient. Those of us who smartly use Macs + iPhones + iPads effortlessly – with Continuity – run rings around those self-defeated, hamstrung, privacy-ceding saps all day long, every day of the week, 365 days a year.


  1. I think all of the Apple shows are very high quality, interesting and cool to watch. Critics are like analysts and seem to have some weird axe to grind sometimes. Just look at reviews on rotten tomatoes of the public vs critics”

    1. “axe to grind”

      Hmm, I think I’ve heard some cynic in these comments say this exact phrase. But no, he’s not biased in any way, he’s a fact checker and a truth teller (sarcasm). Like Trump!

  2. latest rotten tomatoes rating:

    critics: 63%
    audience 95

    interesting to compare to Disney’s Star Wars Mandalorian:
    Critics 89
    Audience 94

    Note: The only people in theory who could see Morning Show own Apple devices. Could that affect score (being Apple fans) ?

    My thinking for newbies Apple is doing reasonably well in the TV business.

  3. You should never listen to ‘critics’. Everybody’s experience is different. Why would you base whether watching something or not on somebody elses views? Only weak assed people and whiners do that.

  4. These days, having wealth is a culturally “bad” achievement. Billionaires suck and if you’re the richest corp in the world, you’re on the trillionaire’s list. Bad.

    In addition, those that chose Apple products, purchased at premium prices, are assumed to be mindless consumers unable to determine real product value.

    Isn’t translating the sentiment to such Apple productions logical?

  5. This has nothing in the world to do with Apple. Apple has done a beautiful job here, and fast too. It seems like they went from announcement to a complete show in a matter of weeks. I think they should have gone for escapism first and the biased content second.

    “…The Morning Show, which debuted on Apple TV+, is a series about a morning news TV show set in the Me Too era…”

    Doesn’t matter where it is or who financially backed it, many people are going to read “Me too” and translate it to leftist, feminist male bashing propaganda and opt for the cool documentary on Elephants. (Absolutely beautiful by the way.) It doesn’t matter how good the show is, at a certain point, even people who support your propaganda are going to let out a deep sigh and go cheer for the show where America lost the space race.

    Liberals in a newsroom. That’s the reality of pretty much all network and cable news, 24 x 365. Knowing this, it is a fair guess that people will be experiencing leftist ideology fatigue while looking for entertainment after having been bashed in the head with ad nauseam with Trump Derangement Syndrome and the drumbeat of tax, ban, confiscate, regulate, emasculate, white people hating on themselves, rhetoric daily.

    I believe it is a good show, and I will try and force myself to watch it. It’s just that Liberals in the newsroom going wild conjure up images of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom.” Sorkin is a wordsmith extraordinaire but all of those beautiful words are crafted ever so eloquently to say that anyone who believes as I do is an evil racist moron.

    Many people get tired of it and it is all but inescapable. Thank God for YouTube. Although that’s going away also. Google wants to turn Youtube into another Netflix. Shame. I once considered YouTube a national treasure.



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