Controversial daylight-blocking iPhone billboard removed from window

Landlord removes giant iPhone advert blocking daylight  into London flats
Landlord removes giant iPhone advert blocking daylight into London flats

Residents in a London apartment block are waking up to daylight from windows for first time in three years..

Conrad Duncan for The Independent:

A large iPhone advert that blocked natural light for poverty-hit families living in a London apartment block has been taken down after campaigners called for its removal… Residents were unable to see daylight out of their windows for three years after the advertising hoarding was put up.

Sevineh Nazif, who was placed in one of the flats by Hackney Council after reporting as homeless, told The Independent that she felt “abandoned” over the issue. “When the windows are closed I can’t breathe, I feel claustrophobic. We can never get light in here. We never see the sun, it feels like we’re blocked out from everything,” she said.

Ms Nazif and another resident, Ahmed Mehjoob, added that they were both warned by the landlord against creating a hole in the advert to allow natural light into their rooms.

MacDailyNews Take: Advertising is designed to get noticed. This one certainly did.


  1. Sevineh Nazif? Ahmed Mehjoob?

    Don’t sound very British.

    These countries that allow themselves to be hollowed out from within deserve all that’s coming to them.

    London is a cesspool, thanks to leftist politicians who can afford to live free of it all out in the countryside, and do.

      1. dd, you and “Cathedral Suicide” are what is wrong with the US, Canada and Britain right now, not the immigrants. Thankfully you are a vocal minority which is I suppose why you feel threatened.

        Regardless, these sort of racist comments aren’t what we need on a site that discusses computers. Please stop.

        1. Jason 2025, its the lack of intelligence of you and your ilk that are the problem.

          No one is complaining about the immigrants, we are complaining about ILLEGAL immigrants and the moron politicians who pander to them, destroying out country in order to gain votes. The only worse stupidity is the stupidity of their voters.

          And, not single word of mine was racist. Idiots like you pretend that telling the truth makes people racists. I do have to thank you though. Americans are sick of idiots like you and have guaranteed a Trump reelection!

          1. Ok, dd, and where is your evidence that the tenants in that London building were illegal immigrants… or immigrants at all? Nothing in the Independent article says so. There are plenty of English-born Englishmen and American-born Americans with ethnic names. Until around 1910, there were more people in Texas that spoke German than Spanish, and they had “foreign-sounding names” on the documentation that proved they were American citizens.

            Where in any of the previous comments here condemning immigrants is there a hint that Britain and America are being “hollowed out” by illegal, as distinct from legal, immigration? Great Britain is an island, dd, and there are very few residents who did not enter legally (although there are certainly some who have overstayed their entry permission). The comments here sounded like a straight-up criticism of people based on their ethnicity rather than their nationality.

            The attacks from the American top on immigration all go far, far beyond protesting just illegal immigration. They basically aim to shut off immigration by anyone who does not look like a rich Norwegian.

          2. dd, there is not a single word in the original newspaper article to suggest that these tenants are illegal immigrants… or immigrants at all. Lots of English-born Englishmen and American-born Americans have ethnic names. In the 1910 census, there were more people in Texas who spoke German than Spanish and they all had “foreign-sounding” names on the documents that proved they were American citizens.

            So, I stand corrected. The attacks above on the tenants were based on their ethnicity, not their nationality; racism, not xenophobia. Great Britain is an island and almost all the people who live on it arrived in some legal fashion (though some have obviously outstayed their welcome).

            Most of the attacks I have read on immigrants since The Great One descended the golden escalator have attacked legal immigration as vigorously as illegal immigration, or have failed to make the distinction. The only good immigrant is somebody who looks like a rich Norwegian, not the sort of people most of us have in our ancestry.

            Even if these folks were illegal immigrants—and they probably weren’t—it still would not justify locking them and their children away in rooms without sunlight.

          3. What is your evidence that the tenants in question were illegal immigrants, or immigrants at all? The original newspaper article does not say so. Ethnic names are pretty common among native-born citizens of both the UK and USA. The assumption that they were illegal says more about you than about them.

  2. I guess the xenophobes have all come out to play today. To paraphrase my grandmother (a registered member of the Choctaw Nation), “If they can’t tolerate diversity, they should go back to whatever hellhole the Susan Constant and Mayflower sailed from.”

    1. Heh heh…and since I love mixed metaphors, they are but chocolate bicycles circling the plug hole of irrelevance, in the world melting pot of humanity.
      If my ‘Doughboy’ grandfather was alive today, he would weep buckets for the current retrogressive US purview of nationhood and the complete denial of ‘citizenship by right’ rather than might.

    1. Since there’s nothing “racist” in the initial post, you have no point.

      (I suggest that, moving forward, you look up the meaning of words before you attempt to use them.)

      Now, why do you prefer censorship to having an open discussion of what are obvious problems?

  3. I am very happy for these people. It was a terrible move to cover those windows regardless of who the advertiser was. The landlord showed a total disregard for the living conditions of the tenants, who deserve to be treated with more respect, regardless of their country of origin.

    1. I’m shocked it ever got planning permission, considering at the time that was put up it was tough to extend your kitchen. Commerce is king I guess but thus is truly a shocking example of exploitation by slum landlords who persist in creeping out of their rat holes.

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