Macs, iPads, and iPhones featured in ‘The Morning Show’ on Apple TV+

Joe Flint and Tripp Mickle for The Wall Street Journal:

Apple Inc.’s flagship television series “The Morning Show” is a glossy, star-studded program designed to draw subscribers for its new streaming service. The show also, it turns out, doubles as an extended commercial for the gadgets that drive the company’s business.

While Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell have top billing in the drama about a morning news program gone haywire after an anchor’s sexual misconduct, the iPhones, iPads and Macs in the show might have deserved their own trailer and makeup room given all their time on camera.

Apple products are visible in an average of 32 camera shots per episode, and an Apple logo is visible in a third of those shots, according to a Wall Street Journal tally from viewing all 10 episodes of the first season… Apple has said it doesn’t pay for product placement. People close to “The Morning Show” said producers weren’t under pressure to include Apple products in the shows.

MacDailyNews Take: Shockingly, most highly-paid professionals use iPhones, iPad, and Macs, so it makes absolutely perfect sense that the characters in “The Morning Show” would be using them, too.

When you see a misplaced product – imagine a product placement where wealthy people were shown using cheap plastic Windows PC laptops and dime-a-dozen Android phones – it does not ring true and detracts mightily from the production.


  1. Nah, MDN, don’t pretend it’s something other than the advertising it is.

    Unbranded props are the rule in film & tv production unless there’s promotional money.

    1. PC Numbnuts forgets who is funding The Morning Show. Of course they could have used any devices they wanted to, but it would simply be silly to use Dells or HPs. Apple make the best computers anyway, what loser WANTS a Dell or an HP? Those useless pieces of crap can go and get effed.

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