Microsoft’s Outlook for Mac gets a new design and big performance improvements

Microsoft's Outlook for Ma
Microsoft’s Outlook for Ma

Microsoft’s Outlook for Mac is slated to get a new design and big performance improvements.

Tom Warren for The Verge:

Microsoft is bringing some much-needed improvements to its Outlook for Mac app. Starting this week, Outlook for Mac beta testers (in the Fast Ring) will be able to access a new design that comes with some significant performance improvements. Microsoft is bringing its sync technology that’s used on Outlook for iOS and Android and Windows Mail to Outlook for Mac. It means Office 365,, and even Google accounts will sync faster thanks to Microsoft’s cloud services.

Microsoft is really trying to win over power users who use Outlook for Mac, and bring it closer to being level with the Windows and web variants.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft makes Outlook for Mac less worse.


  1. I may try Outlook for Mac. I’m very mad that when I upgraded my Mac to Catalina that Apple Mail lost almost all of my historical emails. And since Catalina’s Time Machine trashed my backup drive, too, I’m not able to recover it.

    1. Bryan. I had a similar thing happen when I upgraded to the then new Apple File System for hard drive. I made the stupid mistake of leaving my Time Machine and my iTunes / iPhoto library drives plugged into my Mac mini. After the upgrade neither drive could be recognized. I ended up purchasing recovery software and was able to recovery the data with helpful file names like file0001, file0002, Filtering on size and file type allowed me to recover most of my pictures and dump them into Photos. To this day I never bothered recovering my iTunes library. I have 90% of the music and thank goodness my playlists on an iPod Classic. I do need to find a trustworthy piece of software that will allow me to transfer my music and playlists from an iPod back onto my computer.

      Your situation is worse than mine. Sorry to hear you lost important information. You may want to try data recovery software. Just don’t expect too much.

  2. Does anyone else have a problem with Safari and this Website in which I suddenly get the spinning beach ball, and the fans come on, and I have to kill Safari to get its attention back and restart the computer to turn the fans off? Doesn’t happen all the time, but frequently enough to be annoying. I suspect the Edge advertisements, but that just might be my hate for them. It only happens with Safari. It does not happen with “Brave Browser” (which you have to try if you haven’t).

  3. I read somewhere that the last iteration of Excel was neutered down a bit. Won’t ever buy this newer version unless I hear that Excel for the Mac is comparable for Excel for windows.

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