First episode of ‘See’ shows that Apple TV+ is not shying away from sex and violence

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

As reported by Sigmund Judge of, who attended a screening of the first episode, Apple TV+’s premier show ‘SEE’ does not shy away from depicting adult themes in any way… SEE’s first episode will include several blood-splattered fights and masturbation scenes. We aren’t spoiling plot details but the first episode includes a lot of mass fighting, gore, and blood.

The masturbation scene fits within the plot of the story and helps to shape the personality of the character in question. Nudity is not on display, but you do see/hear the character’s facial reactions and other sexual activity implied.

The violence and sexual content is serious enough that the first episode will be rated as 15+ in the United Kingdom, and apparently some episodes may even be rated 18+.

MacDailyNews Take: Sigmund Judge’s tweets on See:

Apple TV+’s See trailer:


    1. Hopefully masturbation and “kills” doesn’t necessarily remove the production from “pablum,” Peter?

      “My chest still hurts from some of those kills. Visceral, raw, beautifuly shot and incredibly well done!” The reviewer’s quote makes me wonder, actually. Sitting down for some glorious kills may not be consuming pablum, is it better to reserve time to view “this” or “that?”

  1. I do love the epocaliptic movie genre,The Road, Iam Legeand, The Book Of Eli, so when I saw that Apple was including SEE as part of the ATV + I was in. That lasted until the transition in the first episode that introduced the “other side” of the conflicted societies. Masturbation as part of prayer??? Sorry Apple I’m OUT.

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