United Airlines in talks with Apple about San Francisco airport upgrade


United Airlines is in early discussions with Apple Inc about upgrading the U.S. carrier’s terminal at San Francisco International airport, United’s Chief Digital Officer Linda Jojo told journalists on Friday without providing more details.

“I’m being deliberately vague,” she said.

Justin Bachman and Mark Gurman for Bloomberg:

The talks between the companies have just begun and the specific upgrades that would come to the SFO airport terminal are unclear. “The Apple team in San Francisco has been in our baggage hold areas, customer service and the lobbies,” Linda Jojo, executive vice president at United Airlines Holdings Inc., said Friday at the company’s media day in Chicago.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple and United Airlines have been working together for years as United equipped pilots, employees, lounges, and planes with Apple devices (reportedly United has purchased upwards of 100,000 Apple devices in total) teaming with Apple to develop iOS apps, and, earlier this year on a poster, United accidentally revealed that Apple spends $150 million annually with the company on flights, including 50 business class seats per day from San Francisco to Shanghai.


  1. I’ve noticed in the past few months that United has stepped up their use of text messaging. The day before a flight I get a message saying it is time to check in. On the morning of a flight I get a message reminding me to go to the airport. At the gate I get a message when boarding has started. When I arrive at a connecting airport, as we taxi to the get, I get a message telling me the arrival gate, the gate of my connection and about how long it takes to walk there. They are making it much easier to travel.

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