In ‘The Morning Show’ on Apple TV+, women rebel and men misbehave

Lynn Elber for The Associated Press:

“The Morning Show” started life as a behind-the-scenes peek at a slice of network TV as familiar and routine as a wake-up cup of coffee. Then shocking revelations of sexual misconduct engulfed NBC’s “Today” and beyond, and the story changed.

The 10-part drama series, part of the first wave of shows launching the Apple TV Plus streaming service Nov. 1, expanded its original focus on women’s role in media to include the repercussions of workplace bad behavior. It all plays out in the lucrative, hypercompetitive world of A.M. news-and-fluff programming.

While Hollywood has paid glancing attention to the sexual abuse and harassment scandals that have roiled it and other industries, with accusations derailing the careers of actors, executives and journalists, “The Morning Show” is among the few major projects to delve more deeply.

MacDailyNews Note: The Morning Show stars Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon, Emmy winner Jennifer Aniston and Golden Globe winner Steve Carell.

Here are the trailers and teasers for Apple TV+’s The Morning Show:


  1. If the show tries to be “woke”, it loses half its potential audience out of the gate. And from the sounds of it, many of tv’s original programs are attempting to be exactly that. I watch television, movies and sports to be entertained – not preached to. I don’t want to hear about social corporate responsibility, political issues or anyone’s personal causes unless it is integral to the storyline.

    To be fair, a show like The Morning Show is destined to contain much of what I personally attempt to avoid, so I’m probably not the target audience. Point being is that Apple should create programming for all viewers, not just a particular subset.

    But I’ll still watch at least one episode before making a predetermination based on a headline or trailer.

    1. No show – or ANY product of ANY kind – is for all.

      And as we know from shows currently on tv, there are many people who enjoy a show that actual expresses social corporate responsibility and promotes particular points of view and causes.

      In fact, I’d suggest that various seemingly neutral shows may only appear neutral because they agree with your point of view.

      1. Peter, what macinscott said (and I agree with him on) is that Apple shouldn’t try to preach a political ideology in their shows. It’s so massively alienating.

        I was excited about Apple’s original content because hoped it would be created outside the confines of the woke Hollywood framework that has permeated throughout all popular tv and movie culture. I found what macinscott said to be true… the few shows I’ve started watching on Appletv+ were heavily influenced by that same woke couture thereby causing me to bail.

        I love Apple but I refuse to be preached to by those already under the californication spell.

        1. The opposite of woke is asleep, which I would suggest describes anyone who thinks it is possible to write or produce a show about the Today show without Matt Lauer, or about Hollywood casting without Harvey Weinstein. One regular poster here regularly suggested that Bill Cosby was the victim of a libtard plot. Some folks are just too asleep to ever wake up. That is not a complement.

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