Can’t you just wait four days for Apple’s iOS 13.1?

iOS 13 was released on September 19th, but iOS 13.1 is waiting in the wings for release on September 24th
iOS 13 was released on September 19th, but iOS 13.1 is waiting in the wings for release on September 24th

Apple yesterday released iOS 13. The latest OS for iPhone and newest iPod touch includes Dark Mode, Apple Arcade, and more, but should you install iOS 13 today or wait just a bit longer?

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

This year has been rather unprecedented for iOS releases. While iOS 13 was still in beta testing, Apple also started testing iOS 13.1 – which will be released on September 24. While we almost always get a .1 release of a major iOS version sometime in the fall, we’ve never before known the release date ahead of time. This is essentially an admission by Apple that iOS 13 isn’t quite yet ready for primetime.

With iOS 13.1 being just a few days away at this point, the most logical solution for many people is to simply skip iOS 13 altogether. iOS 12 was a great update in terms of stability and performance for older iPhones, there’s little reason to put that in jeopardy just to get iOS 13 a few days sooner. iOS 13.1 isn’t perfect, but it fixes many of the bugs plaguing iOS 13.

Chaim Gartenberg for The Verge:

Apple has practically admitted that the 13.0 version of iOS isn’t finished. The company has already announced that iOS 13.1 is coming just days after the release of iOS 13, alongside iPadOS, the tablet version of the software. It should bring some of the other features that were announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference into iOS 13 and patch some of the bugs. There are even updates planned for later this fall that will bring things like AirPod audio sharing and HomeKit video cameras.

MacDailyNews Take: We couldn’t wait (and no ill effects so far on a few iPhone X and XS Max units), but, if you have one device that simply has to work and you don’t want to risk a show-stopping issue, you might consider waiting four days for iOS 13.1.


  1. I usually update iOS about a month or two after so I trail a bit behind. On my Mac I am always 1 year behind. I upgrade my operating system to the current release about 2 months before the new OS comes out. By then there are usually about 5-6 upgrades. When the new MacOS comes out I am already on the most stable previous version. I guess my Mac is more important that my phone. I am super careful with my Mac

  2. I’ll update to iOS 13 some day. Maybe 13.1.x, maybe later. Updates to iPhones never get me excited at all. Maybe dark mode is more interesting this time than previous feature updates.

    What I can’t friggin wait for is iPad OS and I’ll install that on day 1!

  3. I generally update right away unless I am traveling or about to travel. As far as I can remember the major updates have gone smoothly. The hardest part is always making the encrypted backup since I never seem to have enough disk space on the backup Mac.

  4. I have been on the Mac and iPhone Beta’s for as long as they’ve been available as public beta’s (been a public beta tester for years)
    Dark mode is def worth the small issues i have encountered

    Mind you i have an old iPhone 5 as a backup, and an old mac mini as well for any mission critical stuff but have hardly ever needed them

  5. Not interested in Dark Mode but will wait the 4 days. then upgrade immediately. Even then there will be some bugs, but the fact they’re pushing 13.1 up indicates that for some of us, there could be some grief with 13.0.

  6. An Apple release that’s not fully baked? Feel like I’ve heard this before.

    MDN – that’s irresponsible talk. If someone needs a phone to work, they should not even be considering 13.x until it’s been battle tested & reported on by someone other than a marketing affliate.

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