Apple releases Safari 13 for Macintosh

Apple has released Safari 13 which contains feature improvements as well as privacy, security and compatibility enhancements and is recommended for all users. This update:

• Includes an updated start page with Favorites, frequently visited, and most recently visited websites
• Provides a warning if a weak password is typed when signing in to a website and helps to upgrade it to a strong password
• Adds the ability to enable Picture in Picture from the audio button in a tab
• Enables jumping directly to an already-open tab from the search completion list when the website address is typed into the Smart Search field
• Adds support for authentication using USB security keys on supported websites

For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit:


  1. Apple made an couple errors.

    First: they called this release Safari 13. In reality, it is Safari 12.1.3.
    Second: the linked support page doesn’t list any details on the new release.

    Note that if you look at the previous release notes for Safari 12.1.2 at you will discover that Apple trots out bug fixes upon security updates upon patches 99% IDENTIFIED BY NON-APPLE RESEARCHERS. Prominent contributors to fix Apple screw ups are Google Project Zero, KeenLab, Georgia Tech, and Trend Micro. One has to ask, does Apple have anyone actually working day in and day out to improve Safari, or has Apple outsourced this product too??? With all the resources Apple has, why isn’t Apple taking the lead on security here?

    Apple is getting extremely lazy.

    1. I see you made “an” couple errors in your comment. The first was posting. The second was attempting to think while typing – a dubious effort until you’ve mastered walking and chewing gum at the same time. Keep trying, but please stick to Facebook until you’ve mastered simultaneous thinking and speaking.

      Your first point, that this is a point release is of course, fact-free. Had you any cognitive ability above that of a fourth-grader, you would have noticed that Safari 13 does not work in Mac OS X 12, whereas Safari 12 does. You would have noticed from the feature list that Apple has introduced entirely new features. A point release would have neither of these qualities.

      Your alarming discovery that Apple does not ignore security faults by external parties is standard practice, and has always been at Apple, Microsoft, Google, Intel, etc. In other words, standard operating procedure.

      Next time you decide to start a shoot ‘em up, get some live rounds in the chamber before pulling the trigger. You’re firing blanks, cowboy.

      1. dude, Mike is correct. Apple software is buggier than it was a decade ago and the supposed improvements are few. Firefox in my opinion is light years ahead of Safari. it is updated more often and has a dedicated team making real user improvements. Safari does not because Timmy doesn’t put effort into any software he can’t collect rent with.

        if this site had editing, then maybe spelling errors would count for something. as it is, this useless Apple worship site doesn’t offer it so there’s little point nitpicking what users cannot correct.

      2. apple fanboy getting riled up because he doesn’t understand basic computing and thinks he some kind of genius but only criticizes while bringing forth no facts at all

  2. One issue with the new Safari — which installed automatically, by the way — is that Apple changed how it handles browser extensions. This resulted in killing the integration with 1Password 6, the last version of 1Password you could use without paying a monthly subscription.

    So now I either have to change my browser (I don’t want to do this), pony up for another subscription service (I don’t want to do this either), or figure out how to move my 900 passwords and log-ins to another password manager (I especially don’t want to do this).


    1. While I am sure your aware, Safari already had password management, whether you liked it or not is another question.. 900 passwords, sounds like major overkill to me. you really use them all? Just IMHO…

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