Apple’s MFi program adds support for Power over Ethernet, Lightning-to-USB-C audio adapters

Oliver Haslam for Redmond Pie:

Apple has added support for some additional accessories to its growing MFi program, including LAN cable adapters with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

Members of the MFi program can make accessories that are designed to work with Apple devices. Apple told members of the MFi program about the changes recently, via “MFi Accessory Interface Specifications Release R31,” according to a report by Mac Otakara.

Included in the new changes are adapters that include support for PoE technology. That would allow devices to then be charged via an Ethernet cable, which is in turn plugged into a device’s Lightning or USB-C port. There is now also support for Lightning-to-USB-C audio adapters, with Anker having already produced its own accessory for use with the MacBook, iPad Pro, and Windows PCs.

With that cable, users can plug Lightning headphones into devices that don’t have the port such as, you guessed it, the iPad Pro.

MacDailyNews Take: Good news for the world’s three iPad Pro users who don’t own AirPods!


    1. As a personal former friend of Steve Jobs, I knew he could chew the ears off of anyone with his stories. He was such a great man. I remember the time we once took LSD together.

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