The 2020 iPhone is already overshadowing the iPhone 11

Vanessa Hand Orellana for CNET:

The rumors about Apple eliminating 3D touch in the iPhone 11 keep on coming. A new report from DigiTimes this week, citing industry sources, suggests the manufacturers who build the touch units will make less money this year as Apple switches to lower-cost components.

But at this point, it’s 2020’s iPhone models that’ve already started stealing the spotlight. With two months to go until the next iPhone launch, we’re already getting bombarded by rumors about their successors.

The 2020 iPhones are rumored to come in three sizes: a smaller 5.4-inch model that would replace the current 5.8-inch, the same 6.1-inch option as the XR and a larger 6.7-inch Max version. And all three will have OLED displays this time around.

The report says at least two out of the three models will be equipped with 5G connectivity, if not all three. That would mean the 6.1-inch model would come in both 5G and non-5G options, the latter of which would be cheaper.

MacDailyNews Take: We love the rumored sizes: 5.8-, 6.1,- and 6.7-inch will make for a nice range of physical sizes that should satisfy most, if not all, of those in the market for an iPhone.


  1. What’s the point of having the smallest phone be 0.3” smaller?
    Use the iPhone SE for the smallest size. People that don’t want it, get the next size up.

    Right now I don’t want to be forced into a phone that is one inch taller. What is so damn hard to understand Apple?

  2. I always get confused by these articles about iPhones coming in a particular year, and I think that analysts get confused as well.

    Technically, this fall’s iPhones ARE the 2020 iPhones. Apple releases them in for their 2020 fiscal Q1 (Christmas season) and they are mostly sold in 2020.

  3. 2019 iPhone 11 is merely a placeholder device. We are at the crossroad for 5G and many will be willing to wait this one out. Sales might be noticeably lower this year but next year in 5G land it will be much higher. Potentially HUGE. I think Apple knows this.

  4. I was personal best friends with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and even I would wait for a 2020 iPhone because of 5G and because I am smarter that the average bear. And because I am an incredible role model. Take my advice, it’s worth its weight in platinum.

  5. ARTICLE: “The 2020 iPhones are rumored to come in three sizes: a smaller 5.4-inch model that would replace the current 5.8”

    MDN TAKE: “We love the rumored sizes: 5.8”

    It is what it is.

    Personally, having purchased FOUR SE iPhones the perfect size of all time in IMHO, I don’t need the face login elbow lifting gimmick, the ugly notch obscuring critical content and the horrible bump camera that threatens my Sciatic nerve.

    Smaller phones RULE when you consider the power inside that small box in your hand.

    Yes, the larger phones have more of this and that specs that are marginally better, but nothing I critically need.

    My great wishlist for Apple: Make the smallest iPhone with the SAME SPECS as the largest iPhone and stop treating the smaller models like a bald stepchild. EMPOWER ALL SIZES THE SAME!!!…

  6. Many of us couldn’t care less about 5g on phones. Unless there is no data cap, I wouldn’t ever want to use it. Given how bulky the only existing 5g phones are (some have extra parts that have to be plugged in—similar to a battery pack), I might even choose a 4g phone over a 5g phone when the time comes. Smaller modem = more room for everything else!

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