Facebook isn’t a social network, says Facebook, or something…

Matthew Humphries for PC Mag:

Curiously, one flat out denial covers Paragraph 11, which states:

To begin using the Facebook website, a consumer first creates a Facebook account. The consumer can then add other Facebook consumers as “friends” and by accumulating Facebook friends, the consumer builds a social network on the Facebook website.

So Facebook is denying it’s a destination that allows consumers to sign-up, add their friends, and build a social network. I’m pretty sure that’s the functionality Facebook’s entire business model is based upon, which makes this a suspicious and confusing response.

MacDailyNews Take: Gets charged $5 billion anyway

Seriously, what is this company?


  1. Facebook has been scamming users and advertisers alike since the beginning, I deleted Facebook in 2007, in those days Facebook would not let you actually leave, only suspend. I’m certain they counted me as marketable eyeballs for years.

  2. As a personal friend of Mark’s, I am appalled at the disgusting prejudice against him. Mark is a trustworthy guy – as a shareholder, I know. I spoke to Tim about it but he was too busy gazing at his pipeline to worry too much about analysing Mark. Bill Gates just laughed, he eats $5 billion for breakfast if he wants. It’s nice to know the tech luminaries of our time. I was there, you know. In person. Breathing the same air. These days I just act as a mentor to young African Americans. And I have regular conversations with my buddy Donald to tell him how wrong he is.

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