5 reasons why AirPods are becoming increasingly popular

Chris Burns for SlashGear:

Over the past several years, Apple’s wireless earbuds became so extremely popular that they attained the same de facto must-own status as their larger, more expensive brethren, like the iPhone, and the MacBook. But how? Is it because of the hardware itself, or is it more about the products that surround and envelope consumer lives before AirPods purchase? How did Apple get to such a place of power over your cash?

Reasons given:

  • The tiny green light.
  • Apple’s Beats acquisition.
  • The elegance with which the software and hardware together.
  • You probably already own an iPhone.
  • Every Apple product is treated like a hero. “You want the Apple (insert product name here..”)

MacDailyNews Take: We’re seeing those white sticks in people’s ears more and more frequently these days, and owners come from every demographic. Have AirPods reached their iPod moment?


    1. Sounds like a joke. But, just to be fair, Apple attempted to envelope as many types/sizes of ears as possible through the development and analysis of a large database. I don’t know how much of the potential customer base that the AirPod fits well, but there will alway be outliers (and I am sorry for you). Apple might want to consider a second line of AirPods for those with different ears. Perhaps the outer surface could be squishy to enable adaptation.

  1. Wish they did an AirPods Pro version with inner ear buds and then the whole fitting in ears things won’t be an issue. You would also get better passive noise isolation from just making this change.

  2. Never understood why some people like the monstrosity over the ear headphones like beats. Always LOL when I see someone wearing that walking down the street.

  3. I find that lists of this type often miss the point. Anyone who has enjoyed the wireless freedom of AirPods knows that the selling points are the utility and convenience provided by AirPods. You don’t have to hold your iPhone up to your ear. You don’t have to wrangle earbud cords. You can easily use just one if you want turn-by-turn directions in your car while also keeping an ear open for traffic and other things. You can set your phone on a shelf and walk around your home while having a phone conversation. In my experience with AirPods, people on both ends of the connection enjoyed better sound quality than with a handheld phone. The AirPod microphones are quite good, too, even outdoors in relatively windy situations.

    Utility and convenience. Not the green light. Not the Beats acquisition (unless you buy the wireless Beats version of AirPods). And not blind Apple hero worship.

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