Fresh leak again hints at square camera in upcoming iPhones

The latest leaks suggests next-generation iPhones will have a camera design that pays homage to vintage cine-cameras, with a distinctive square ‘bump’ containing three different lenses.

Slashleaks claims to have CAD renders of 2019 iPhones, all of which show the square camera and an updated Face ID camera design in the ‘Notch’. The images are similar to those identified in January.

The square camera bump is quite distinctive.

Movie and camera enthusiasts out there may recall the 8mm Zeiss Ikon camera, which also housed its lenses in a distinctive square (though the camera was very much larger and the lens as thick as several iPhones.)

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed next-generation high-end iPhones will offer a new super-wide 12-megapixel lens and 3x optical zoom.

Along with much better night vision, the camera will be capable of capturing 3D information for use in Augmented Reality.

These are similar to claims we saw earlier this year from OnLeaks:

As we wrote back in May:

The iPhone XR design largely remains the same as last year, with one striking new detail we’ve already seen in the leaked iPhone XI and XI Max images. The glass rear panel of the iPhone XR features a large square bump for the cameras, except in this case, there are only two cameras (vs three on the iPhone XI/XI Max) in the module. The cameras are arranged vertically, with the LED flash on the right.

“As for the camera details, not much is known about the dual camera module on the iPhone XR 2019. However, going by previous iPhones, we expect it to retain a pair of 12MP shooters – a wide-angle lens and a 2x telephoto lens. Notably, the iPhone XR features only a single camera module, so this is a significant upgrade for the 2019 model. There is no word on the selfie camera as of now.”


MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s focus on imaging opens up so many opportunities in AI, AR and for whole new categories of app.

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  1. Watch all the other wannabes adopt the square camera design. Rumor has it some already have. Sometimes the technology requires a particular design. I actually like it and find it quite distinctive.

    1. Not ideal from form considerations but if people want functionality especially in terms of AI and AR which has the potential to revolutionise the phone and offer real innovation possibilities I guess we will have To live with it. Some would no doubt prefer a thicker phone to disguise it altogether and get a bigger battery but no doubt others and no doubt many analysts anxious for a hit piece opportunity would mock that necessity/compromise call it what you will.

  2. Some manufacturers prefer to put the cameras in an attractive symmetrical array. Clean, understated, classy. Some even push the tech envelope or frontside design — notch free and 5G even. But then, Apple hasn’t had great design for many years, so you get what you get, whenever Apple gets around to it…

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