Luna Display disappointed at being Sherlocked by Apple’s Sidecar, vows to stick around

Sidecar brings the intuitiveness and precision of iPad and Apple Pencil to creative Mac apps and can run on a wireless connection.
Sidecar brings the intuitiveness and precision of iPad and Apple Pencil to creative Mac apps and can run on a wireless connection.

Matt Ronge, CEO & Co-founder and Giovanni Donelli, Head of Product & Co-founder for Luna Display:

You may have heard the news; we did too. Apple has decided to dabble in the connected workspace domain that we know super well. You’ve also likely seen the headlines about Apple’s power over small developers and how the tech-giant ‘sherlocks’ top-grossing apps. We’re disappointed, but let it be known:

We’re not going anywhere.

If you have basic needs, Apple’s Sidecar may do the trick. But if you’re a pro, we’ve built Luna Display to fit around your creative workflow.

Oh, and about Windows — We’ve heard you loud and clear. We see a bright future in that exciting new space and we hope you’ll join us along for the ride. 😉 So while we may be the underdogs, we’re ready to charge head-on because we’re just as committed to creative pros as we’ve always been — whether that’s via Mac, PC, or beyond.

MacDailyNews Take: With Apple’s Sidecar coming, it’s a smart, preservational move for Luna Display to target the Windows sufferers who have iPads, of which there are many.


  1. Dear Luna,

    We sure could use a better, smarter, faster Apple Remote Desktop that allows operating from Mac, iPad, and Windows to control and monitor Mac, Windows, and at least view iOS devices. Should work directly on network or over VPN. It would sell easily on a per seat subscription to enterprise customers. Should report computer configurations, network traffic, and allow execution of shell scripts on remote computer.

    Apple will never Sherlock you on this. They have no interest in building enterprise tools.

  2. Extending the Mac desktop to an iPad display always felt like it should have been built into the OS and not some product made by a third-party.

    I understand Luna’s disappointment and I feel for them. Sadly they decide to respond by insinuating that Apple yet again shafted small developers which is not the case at all.

    They built a product out of what was always likely to become a feature of the OS. If they were truly honest with themselves and the public they knew this from the beginning.
    It was a great product that filled a gap in the market until Apple got around to adding a missing feature that should have been in their OS.

    No one complained when Apple officially added built-in external monitor support to iPad Pro and no one should complain when they allow you to use an iPad as an external display for your Mac.

    The sad thing is Luna’s product still has many uses such as running headless Mac mini’s, supporting older Apple hardware and as they mentioned Windows support. I also think they have plenty of ways to innovate even more in the wireless monitor space both in hardware and software.

    (I own a Luna product to manage a headless Mac mini, I love it and it works amazingly well.)

    1. because it adds additional functionality, even if they subtract the duplicate functionality they will still have a market

      wait to see if apple duplicated their duplicate functionality,,,,, or buys them

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