Mac browser shootout: Apple’s Safari vs. Microsoft’s Edge vs. Google’s Chrome vs. Mozilla’s Firefox

“On Monday, Microsoft announced that it officially released a test version of Microsoft Edge for the Mac. It’s a remarkably, surprisingly solid app even in this pre-launch edition,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “Even that we already know that its missing a couple of key features, still you can get a feel for whether Microsoft Edge is worth replacing Safari as your main browser.”

“The company didn’t set out to make a Mac browser, it set out to convert its existing PC Edge into using Google’s Chromium system. That gets it a solid base that happens to also give it a Mac version,” Gallagher writes. “And it’s what makes the Mac version of Microsoft Edge look very like the Mac version of Chrome. If you were thinking of moving from Safari and didn’t want to risk a pre-beta developer version of Microsoft Edge, you could download Chrome and you would get pretty much the same feel.”

“Those of us who happen to prefer Safari to, for instance, Chrome, already know that we aren’t really that likely to make the move to Edge, either,” Gallagher writes. “It’s good that we have the option, though we have to be aware that it’s practically an accident of birth that means we get a Mac version of Edge only because there’s a Mac version of Google’s Chromium system.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hmm, a browser made and optimuized for the Macintosh by Apple or some “accident of birth” from Microsoft. Tough decision.

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  1. Given that Microsoft has removed the bulk of the spyware in Google Chrome, I’d rather trust Edge.
    For Chrome, there is not even a single bit of free storage on my devices.

    1. I’ve tried all the rest and keep coming back to Firefox after all these years. They were lost about 5-6 years ago, but they’ve come back nicely.

      Safari is fast, yes, but to me many of its differences seem to be of the “because we can do it differently” variety and it won’t work with a few critical sites I have to use, including one of my banks.

      1. I fully support your right to use whatever browser you like, Ice. I use FireFox as my secondary browser behind Safari. Sometimes a website just doesn’t work properly in Safari (although I strongly suspect that is generally the fault of the website design, not Safari). Having a reliable backup is prudent, and there are functions in Safari that could (and should) be implemented better.

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