Microsoft Edge browser for Mac leaks

“Microsoft’s latest version of the Edge web browser — which is based on the open source Chromium engine, which also underpins Google Chrome — isn’t just coming to the Mac,” Henry T. Casey writes for Laptop. “It’s already here.”

“Yes, the macOS version of Edge, first teased at Microsoft Build, is now available for download, albeit with two caveats,” Casey writes.

“Specifically, this is a ‘Canary’ build of Edge, which is even more unfinished than a beta release,” Casey writes. “Also, Microsoft itself isn’t promoting this version yet, as its most recent blog post about Edge mentions the announcement at Build, and not the release of the Canary version. Instead, this news comes from eagle-eyed Twitter user WalkingCat, aka @h0x0d.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll pass, especially on a piece of pre-betaware from the likes of Mediocresoft whose junk we avoid like the plague it once was.

Microsoft’s Edge browser shift has major implications for software and devices – December 11, 2018


  1. MDN – you guys gotta get out of 1995. MS are making some good Mac products, and I would trust them more than Google alone. How about trying before stomping your feet?

    1. MDN is just like their idiotic despot wannabe prez — too lazy to understand the world as it is now, whining constantly that everything should be like 1949. Spewing fact free opinions before knowing anything about it.

        1. As opposed to the Republicans who take a look a the facts and try to make you believe the opposite is true.
          Quite successfully to their gullible base.

          1. Seems to me democrats have lied about, well, everything. From Smollet to spying, Kavanaugh and the Covington kids, Russians, collusion and obstruction, the economy, job reports and unemployment rates, it’s getting difficult to find any issue democrats haven’t come right out and lied about.
            Now run along like a good democrat, smash someone in the face, run them out of a restaurant or threaten to harass the “nazi” in his home, grab a woman by the shoulders and smell her hair, just like the rest of the democrat party says it’s okay to do.
            Oh. And don’t forget- Make sure you support armed mass murderers the right to vote against gun control while serving time in prison for gunning down kids.
            It’s okay, they were probably Trump supporters.

            1. “I talked to the president prior to this, and he said to quote him very clearly: ‘They may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.’” – Sean Spicer referring to unemployment figures, 3/10/17

        2. Oh, an aristocrat! Don’t bother with the shrink- too late, obviously. Might try suing your parents… git nothing to lose, do you? Clever name, One of yours?….

      1. The “despot” is one who decried “Mandates” be forced upon a open, democratic society.
        Care to guess who did just exactly that?
        Hint. It ain’t President Trump.

      1. … and back to reality. Apple and Microsoft both bundle their browsers with their OSes.

        Market share according to NetMarketShare:

        Google Chrome: 65.8%
        Mozilla Firefox: 9.6%
        MS Internet Explorer: 9.5%
        Microsoft Edge: 4.5%
        Apple Safari: 3.7%
        Opera: 1.6%
        QQ: 1.5%
        Sogou: 1.5%
        Yandex: .7%
        UC: .5%

        Vivaldi .1%
        and several more at negligible share.

        It seems to me that Apple doesn’t have anything to brag about here. A privacy thief, a nonprofit, and a beleaguered gorilla all produce more popular browsers. Faster ones, too.

        1. Yea, but Apple hasn’t recommended to stop using Safari like Microsoft has done with IE! I still think Safari is the best browser on the Mac! People can have Google’s Chrome, not a fan of anything Google! Need to learn more of what type of company Google is! You are the product being sold at all costs!

          1. Google’s addons, not the kernel, is what makes Chrome a nonstarter for me.

            Safari remains a relatively slow memory hog with poor user customization. I strongly prefer Firefox, which allows the user to have impressive controls. It is now stable and fast, too, notwithstanding this week’s extension certificate bug. Mozilla fixed that over a weekend, it would take Apple months.

  2. A vehicle for Microsoft to deliver their services based on the Chromium engine with huge parts of Google code stripped out.
    Microsoft will eventually be able to tell their enterprise and business customers that their tools and services will work best across all OSes if they use their new Edge web browser.
    This will probably be true if Microsoft does their normal trick and adds in proprietary extensions/frameworks to the browser (they probably won’t be able to help themselves, return of ActiveX anyone).
    Lets hope it’s more secure than their previous browsers otherwise Edge is going to become a lovely new Trojan horse/backdoor for macOS.

  3. What is this wave of sympathy for Microsucks? They too are realising the real clients are on Apple side.

    Another trojan trying to make it on MacOS… I’ll pass

    1. edge is faster then safari. i’ve tested it. its just chrome without googles spyware attached, with the added benefit of being able to use whatever addons you want from the chrome app store. safari is a cool idea, and certainly is fine for mobile browsing (once you install 2 or three content blockers). but its pretty crap for enterprise work where you are working in GSuite or 0365. Which most of the professional world is. Edge has an IE mode as well, where it basically opens a sandboxed tab that is compatible with old IE apps. Which you probably don’t even realize are still a big thing in places like Gov’t and massive Corps where they are still using legacy systems built around the old IE thing (not saying thats good, but its a fact of life). If a big corp or gov’t has a way to continue accessing those and upgrade to a mac, then thats a good thing. not a bad thing.

      1. Dream on! Buying a mac to access MS or even G-suite in a gov’s place? What are you smoking? I actually work in gov’s and there is no way a mac’s gonna make it through IT and MS licensing condition… We ain’t no startup! MS has been tangling us freaking way back then… Now those sh** holes want to give their tablet for free in our school system!

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