Microsoft’s Edge for Mac browser now available in preview

“Microsoft teased its Edge browser for macOS earlier this month, and now the company is officially allowing Mac users to download a preview version,” Tom Warren reports for The Verge.

“While Edge for Mac leaked a little early during Microsoft’s Build conference, the company is officially supporting the daily Canary builds of Edge for Mac now for macOS 10.12 and above,” Warren reports. “Microsoft says the weekly Dev channel builds will be available “very soon” and you’ll be able to run both side by side.”

Warren reports, “Microsoft has been working to support Mac keyboard shortcuts, and the company is also adding in Touch Bar support…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, that’ll be a hard pass.

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    1. Safari, like most of Apple’s technology, has become long in the tooth, slow, and is simply not keeping up with browser technologies. Most of the world will be running Chrome or a Chrome variant soon. Already are really.

      It gives you the Chrome experience without the Google finger up your butt.

      It looks nice and is pretty fast.

  1. I wager that in a very short time Edge on Mac will prove to be a much better and faster browser than Safari and it will find a reasonably large users base on the Mac.

    It’s almost like Apple has forgotten about safari on Mac, where’s the innovation?

  2. Why run Edge? I am. As a personal Mac user….I agree…NO WAY I would run this! As a corporate user, where we live in the world of Office 365 and other MS products, I have found it to perform better in those environments (as does Chrome) than Safari. The best part? It doesn’t seem to be as big of a resource hog as Chrome is…somehow, since they use the same base code I think. Additionally, I hate Chrome and Google products and giving me an alternate browser that is “more compatible” in the corporate Windows environment on a Mac is a win to me. YMMV.

  3. “Why run Edge,” you ask? Fewer privacy risks than Chrome, improved compatibility due to Chromium underpinnings, and, if it’s like its Win10 counterpart, the ability to clear local data/history automatically on each exit. So… it might not be my preferred browser, but I can see it supplementing Safari.

  4. Why? Because as tech matures and companies evolve, there’s a good chance Company A may be ahead of Company B in ways that matter to you.

    One thing is certain: no one party has all the best answers. Excel for example runs circles around Numbers. Apple has had years to dethrone Office and Cookie refuses to make the effort. Why keep pretending Apple’s current management has a clue? I haven’t seen any evidence to prove Apple has the best software developers in house for at least 5 years.

    If you’re so blindly partisan that you cannot give a new product/idea an honest review before dismissing it, you may want to avoid looking at the resumes of the people who now work at your favorite company. Cookie is an ex-Compaq employee who has done nothing but outsource product overseas and money launder app store income through the Cayman Islands. Zero vision there. How long does it take a coder to be fully indoctrinated to your favorite brand anyway? Apologist Cookie might very well be hiring the castoffs from Nadella’s beleaguered little software company.

    1. “Apple has had years to dethrone Office”
      For folks that need Excel’s features, the great thing is, there’s already a product with Excel’s features available on the market. It’s called Excel.

      The vast majority of people don’t need all of Excel’s features. For those folks, the price of “free” for a spreadsheet app is a pretty good deal 🙂

  5. Safari is fast enough for me. I don’t mind deleting and clearing on my own, I still can’t run any MS products. I’ll pass also.
    Apple will make changes to Safari.
    I think Apple is just now getting over building the “Spaceship”. Some lag on lots of products. Five years of focus lost.

    1. Typical delusional reply. Why on earth would a new building influence what is happening to Safari? The one intern they have developing Safari is sat a home in his underwear not helping build the spaceship.

      The real problem is Pipeline and the lack of pipeline, it’s all dried up!

      I predict Apple will be one of the biggest company failures in the coming years even with the US gov trying to outlaw much more competitive products from China. It’s game over.

      China will sell the phones and the laptops and Microsoft/Google/Amazon will sell the services.

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