Qualcomm settlement with Apple paves way for Huawei dispute

“Qualcomm Inc’s surprise settlement of a prolonged legal fight with Apple Inc paves the way for the chipmaker to resolve a similar dispute with China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, ahead of the launch of 5G phones, several analysts said,” Reuters reports.

“Shares of Qualcomm, which closed up 23 percent on Tuesday, rose another 10 percent in premarket trade on Wednesday after it signed a six-year patent license deal with Apple,” Reuters reports. “If Wednesday’s gains hold, Qualcomm would tack on more than $20 billion in market value since announcing the settlement.”

“A settlement with Apple and Huawei will not only bring in more royalty payments and reduce legal costs, it will help Qualcomm to focus more in rolling out its 5G modems, several analysts said,” Reuters reports. “The Qualcomm settlement means Apple will rely on the chipmaker for most if not all of its 5G modems in iPhones starting in 2020, with Qualcomm likely the leading to only supplier for the next several years, Canaccord Genuity analysts said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on the iPhone 5G (please don’t name it that, Phil)!

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  1. 5G is all hype and no substance. It will only work in major cities (because the frequencies are too easily absorbed by air, walls and human bodies). The attenuation will be so bad the speed increase isn’t worth the extra power (and battery size) necessary to support it. They ran out of good ideas and are now marketing an illusion

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