Apple’s iPhone SE successor may be all-new 4.8-inch ‘iPhone XE’

“Current owners of the iPhone SE who are fans of the smaller 4-inch form factor in Apple’s smartphone lineup may finally get their wish for a newer model to succeed the miniature device among the Cupertino, California-based tech giant’s assortment of larger sized phablets if a newly published rumor bears any weight and the new product is released,” MacPrices reports.

“The week before last, Nitin Agrawal, publisher of PC Tablet, a blog based in India, reported that an Apple iPhone XE is in the making for Q3 2019, writing that it’s been well over a couple of years — three to be exact — since Apple officially announced the availability of the iPhone SE in 2016 and since then, the main iPhone line was upgraded on a regular basis but not the SE and now we know why,” MacPrices reports. “‘Our source which is closely associated with Foxconn’s manufacturing facility in Indiahas confirmed the iPhone SE 2 is actually iPhone XE,’ writes Agrawal.”

Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE

“Agrawal reports that the iPhone XR supposedly will be discontinued by Apple this year because of poor performance in the market, suggesting that the new XE will take its place, making the 2019 lineup consist of the latter device along with an iPhone XI and XI Plus: information he backs up with a prediction made a few days before his blog post on PC Tablet, based on a research note published by Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst with KGI Securities — due to Chi’s sources and connections in the Asian supply chain which result in a track record of accurately predicting upcoming Apple products — who predicts three models to be released this year by the Cupertino, California-based tech company,” MacPrices reports. “‘Looking at the reports, Apple is in no mood of leaving their customers behind who still prefers to use the smaller form factor smartphones,’ writes Agrawal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote over the weekend, “A 4.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED fits almost perfectly into the iPhone SE’s physical case size. Who’d be up for an SE-sized X-class iPhone? Would $549 for the 64GB model, $599 for the 128GB model, and $699 for the 256GB model work? Remember, these would be modern X-class iPhones and older models like iPhone 8 would remain on the market for another year as Apple’s entry-level iPhones.”

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  1. MacDailyNews Previous Take:

    Let us state this plainly:

    Bargain hunters, cheapskates, and the poor do not purchase services, apps, accessories, etc. after the sale.

    Apple certainly has data regarding how much SE users brought to the services table and the result speaks volumes: No more iPhone SE.

    1. While I agree that those buyer probably buy less services, I disagree with your conclusion

      There is a market for that form factor, and as a shareholder, I want those users on iOS. Improved market share, when it’s not at the expense of revenue from flagship phones, is a big net plus. It improves apples effectiveness in many many ways.

    2. mobeans, you are clueless
      I have a Mac Pro, MBP, MBA, Ipad, and Iphone SE.
      Dozens and dozens of apps, plenty of services…
      I guess I’m one of your ‘cheapskates’…
      I need the SE form factor for work (EMT).

      1. I think you two miss mobean’s point.

        In earlier discussions about smaller iPhones, MDN roundly criticized anyone who wanted an iPhone SE as a cheapskate, not worth pursuing as a customer.

        MDN stated pretty much what mobeans posted – an iPhone SE customer didn’t spend enough, so Apple would produce no more SE-class phones.

    3. I own four 12 core MacPro’s, six MacBook Pro’s, 2 iMacs, 7 iPad’s, and a TON more of Apple variables, and I want a 4″ SE. I spend over $100,000 a year on equipment and own 15 corporations, which are all ran by Macs. I want a 4″ SE. Many of my friends who own companies WANT a 4″ phone. The #1 reason why I, my wife, and many fo my friends have not purchased a NEW phone in years is because of the SIZE. There is a large segment of people who like to use the phone for basic functions and do not want/need a large screen. I don’t take selfies. I don’t troll social media pages on my phone looking for validations or trends. I don’t need it for movies. I just want something that fits in one hand and easily in my pocket. A 4″ SE does that perfectly. I tried a 7 size and it fell out of my hand, didn’t fit well in my pocket and now sits in a drawer.. unused. So after paying for a iPhone 7, I disliked the size so much, I willingly downgraded and lost money on the 7 and purchased a SE and LOVE it.

      1. Agreed!
        I use my phone as a tool, not an entertainment device. When I ever need to view movies, play games or check specific sites in a larger view, which seldom happens while mobile, I carry or bring out an iPad. Otherwise, when I anticipate these situations, I am already carrying a laptop anyway. I do not need a poor man’s solution, i.e, a phablet, which does not satisfy the needs of either end anyway.

    4. Everything isn’t about services dumbass. I have all Apple products current except an iPad because I find it to be not necessary I don’t spend a lot on services either. SE type users shouldn’t be ignored just because they don’t spend some give the number in services.

    5. BS on the “cheapskate” crap. I like the convenience and I buy apps for it. I have an iPad for games that need a big screen. So Apple is more likely to sell more products because those with a small iPhone will usually invest in an iPad. Plus I’m in front of a 27″ iMac for 8 hours at my job and another 27″ iMac at —don’t need another big screen with a phone. Just need function.

      I don’t want a big honking phone. Steve’s love of small stays alive after he’s gone!

  2. “Agrawal reports that the iPhone XR supposedly will be discontinued by Apple this year because of poor performance in the market”

    Really? Do other reports back up this “poor performance” claim? If not, how much can we trust this source?

  3. 4″ • 4″ • 4″
    NOT 4.8″… SMALLER!!
    There are a TON of people who do not want a large phone.
    I vaguely remember Steve Jobs saying at a keynote at some point that the 4″ is the “perfect” size. I need to find that video.

  4. I am, at this minute, holding my SE in one hand. If the screen were edge to edge and corner to corner, I could NOT operate it with one hand (the top 25% is out of my reach). That’s the simple test: “Can I hold it in one hand, and use it in one hand safely, without risk of dropping it?” For my 6, the answer was NO. For my SE, the answer is YES. For the hypothetical XE as described, the answer is NO. So NO, I would not buy it, not under any of the configs described b MDN. And labelling me a “cheapskate” is just flatly insulting.

  5. Sign me up. I have said 4.7 would be perfect but a 4.8 is good enough for me. I have a 8plus and you get accustomed to it but my biggest issue would be dual cameras. The only reason I have the plus is for the camera. Unfortunately Camera is king. That will determine a lot of peoples buying choices.

  6. “MacDailyNews -Who’d be up for an SE-sized X-class iPhone? Would $549 for the 64GB model, $599 for the 128GB model, and $699 for the 256GB model work?”

    No. The appeal of the SE was the form factor and price.

  7. I lost my beloved SE and could not find a replacement locally, so I went with a 6S. I DESPISE it. Not only is it too large to comfortably fit in most pockets (to say nothing of operating it one-handed), its rounded form factor makes it slippery as hell. (I also LOATHE cases on phones, if that’s your solution.) The 4″ phone — especially with some actual corners to grip — is ideal for many, many users. If indeed Apple brings out a 4″, I will be on the waiting list the day it’s announced.

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