iPhone XE: Design, specs, and more about Apple’s rumored iPhone SE successor

“Last year, rumors were high for a successor to the iPhone SE,” Amritanshu Mukherjee reports for India Today. “Lately, rumours for a successor to the iPhone SE have re-surfaced. Expected to be called the iPhone XE, the handset is expected to bring the premium features from the iPhone XS in a compact form factor and at a much cheaper price.”

“The speculations suggest that the phone will come with a 4.8-inch display with extremely narrow bezels and a notch on top. This means that it won’t be as tiny as the iPhone SE but it will be close the size of an iPhone 7.,” Mukherjee reports. “The iPhone XE is expected to feature an OLED display.”

“The iPhone XE’s display is rumoured to have a notch, albeit slightly smaller. There will be a Face ID system,” Mukherjee reports. “The iPhone XE is also expected to feature a 12-megapixel single rear camera. The camera will most probably be lifted off from the iPhone XR. Considering the iPhone XR’s photography capabilities, the iPhone XE could be a decent shooter on the move.”

Apple said to plan iPhone SE successor, the X-class 'iPhone XE' with 4.8-inch OLED (images via PC Tablet)
Apple said to plan iPhone SE successor, the X-class ‘iPhone XE’ with 4.8-inch OLED (images via PC Tablet)

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MacDailyNews Take: A 4.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED fits almost perfectly into the iPhone SE’s physical case size. Who’d be up for an SE-sized X-class iPhone? Would $549 for the 64GB model, $599 for the 128GB model, and $699 for the 256GB model work? Remember, these would be modern X-class iPhones and older models like iPhone 8 would remain on the market for another year as Apple’s entry-level iPhones.

Apple said to plan iPhone SE successor, the X-class ‘iPhone XE’ with 4.8-inch OLED – April 9, 2019
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    1. Funny like some people always mentions, “My WIFE loves the size”… As this pocket dimension is great for anyone who needs a handy phone…
      Having an updated small iPhone is a really refreshing news in a world of monster phones!

      1. I am not a wife at all (wrong gender :))))), but I also love the smallest iPhone.

        I am around a big computer almost all day, so I do not need a big screen phone. This is why the small size and weight of iPhone 5/5s/5c/SE are so great.

        1. Agreed. I’ve thought from the start with the release of the X that if similar treatment were given to the SE, you’d have an easy to manage one-handed phone with roughly the screen real estate of the 7/8. I have the X and I like it, but I also didn’t particularly have a problem with the screen size of the 7/8. It was/is perfectly adequate. Slip it into a smaller chassis and I’m sure there will be plenty of takers.

      2. Well, from a human performance standpoint, the anthropometric dimensions of the hand are smaller on women (vs men)…and from a market perspective, women represent merely half of the world’s population.

        Even so, I find the 6s to be around my upper limit for what I can comfortably carry in my pocket – – which is a front pocket because its less subject to theft & damage that way.

        As such, if Apple’s next crop of phones doesn’t include one whose form factor is 6s or smaller, then I’m not buying it.

  1. I think this misses the point. Don’t want face I.D., touch I.D. with a lower price would be fine. Just an SE with updated processor is all that’s needed, no OLED either. Keep the price low please, already have an iPad and laptop.

      1. iPhone SE fits that formula. It is actually a super fast phone, even though it was released in 2016 almost three years ago. It does not really need an update of innards. And it is going to be supported by Apple software update at least to 2022 or for longer as the speed it has allows this.

        So Apple making iPhone XE with a larger screen in the same size body and implementing FaceID there makes a lot of sense. For those who do not want that there will be still refurbrished and second market iPhone SEs.

  2. $599 for 128 GB is a good price if it has current internals. Apple may introduce it before the other new models and stick an A12 in it to save money. Thus, the A13 would soon be in the flagship phones at a much higher price point. Anything less tha $599 would be extraordinary.

  3. Stick with the A12. A blind man won’t notice the difference running for the bus.

    Cut the price $100 as $599 is a pretty hard hit for us older folks, especially with swamp Mouth in the Oval Office.

    Keep Product RED in the line up – it actually does a lot of good.

    1. Please tell us what the remarkable job the first time unprecented politician President Trump is doing has to do with the article? Answer: NONE. Just a drive by partisan cheap shot, got it…

  4. Lol. 128gb for $599. I wager $599 will net you the base unit of iPhone XE at 32gb. $699 will get you 128gb, with $799 maxing the unit out at 256gb. Hopefully Apple will kill the Plus line this year, leaving only the Max as it’s largest screen phone. This would allow an easy to swallow iPhone 8 at 64gb for $499. $599 for 128gb and no 256gb option.

  5. There you have it folks.. those who were unhappy that there was no SE ….
    They orchestrated some anticipation , generated talk … … and allowed a year to build some pent-up demand… and Voila 😉
    Im pretty convinced we will see it at this September’s product announcement .
    It will be a sweet little thing:)

    1. Just as I predicted some 6 months ago, not that it needed much effort to do so. This has been an Apple game plan for donkeys years and originality as we know is hardly Cook’s thing is it. He just likes to perfect what he’s used to… If only he succeeded more often.

    2. With all due respect Jimbo, at this point in time we have NOTHING. Remember the charging pad vapor ware. Please stick to the facts and we could do a little less without the unnecessary fanboy cheerleading. If and when it happens is another matter because I do not agree with the pricing, physical size and unnecessary features. It should an updated SE at $399 and shock the world…

      1. With all due respect GoeB… we are commenting on a rumor..as clearly stated in the headline.
        Which’ I Believe’ will come to fruition as stated in my post.
        So keep it in context and read posts more carefully !

        And with All Due Respect GoeB…. we can do without your none stop bitterness, negativity and whining which u consider to be critical thinking…. Trust me it everything But !

        And spare us this bs ‘fanboy, cheerleader, etc’ labeling when someone does not see the world the same bitter way u do ! Get a bit original please!.
        This ‘fanboy’ mockeries are really really lame, foolish and nonsensical!
        With all due respect ! 😉

        Aren’t we all here be ouse we are fans of Apple ?

  6. I’d like a phone that is small and also not seen as a years-past technology phone. It should be in a cost structure around what MDN is suggesting.

    And break the trope that the largest phones have all the greatest features please.

  7. This is great news if true, they should do 64gb, 128 and 256gb options. Wireless charging would really be nice but not a deal breaker if not there, but it would be better to have. They could use the A11 chip in this, it’s super fast\powerful.

  8. This prediction of the XE sounds like Apple is putting in all the expensive features that made the other X models a relative sales flop. I am not encouraged. Get your SE now at an affordable price, because if only half of these rumors are true, the next smallish phone will be as costly as an XR and almost as ugly.

    Here’s a tip for Apple marketing folks:

    Features people want on a basic iPhone:
    low price
    4” screen
    robust design
    3.5mm audio jack
    long battery life
    possibly USB-C in lieu of lightning to open up accessories options

    To keep prices down, ditch these things:
    no Apple headphones included
    no wireless charging
    no FaceID
    no OLED
    only 2 basic cameras, front and back
    use prior generation chips
    mold the one-piece chassis and back out of reinforced polymer instead of sandwiching glass panels onto a machined metal chassis
    ensure the entry level phone does not drive yet another naggy iOS software update

    So sad that Apple can’t / won’t even try to please customers with simplicity.

    1. Very well spec’d, thank you!
      Totally agree with no OLED. If anything, the latest LCD tech is excellent and much brighter. OLED has a tendency of burn-in when stayed longer on a screen, and consumes more power which is detrimental to a smaller phone.
      Agree with no FaceID too. It’s an inconvenient novelty that works only for jacking up the price and creating a nice pair of horns. Besides, my image is copyrighted and only available in Holywood, so Apple has no use for it anyway.

  9. Apple, you have A LOT of people wanting a 4″ phone option. Why are ignoring this segment of buyers? There really is no excuse for this. I personally know over 10 people (myself being one) waiting for a new 4″ to BUY.

  10. I went back to an SE when they were on closeout from a X then a Xr – just don’t like the larger phone form factors. The only thing I truly miss is the wireless charging – if they make a smaller phone with a glass back I’m all in for sure – will sell my Xr and start using my SE as an iPod touch in the car/boat

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