This week Apple stealthily introduced a new feature that’s truly helpful to customers

“One of the more irritating aspects of online life is signing up for things that you’ve no idea you’ve signed up for,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for Inc. “You click a button, in the belief that you’ll still have a chance to see what it means and then, a month later, you’ll realize you’ve already been charged for some fine subscription or other.”

“Yet last week, in an iOS 12 update, Apple inserted a truly clever and useful thing,” Matyszczyk writes. “Instead of you just confirming something with Touch ID, Face ID or your passcode and not realizing what you’re confirming, a popup appears to ask you if you really know what you’re doing.”

“The sad truth is that some app creators have been deliberately designing apps to fool people into subscribing,” Matyszczyk writes. “This new little touch, therefore, expresses excellent intentions and a spirit of consumer protection.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another thing,consumer protection, that you won’t get from pretend iPhones.


    1. Not just Prime…basic Amazon purchases related to shipping.
      It’s announced as “free” at one point, then changes automatically w/o user’s choice to the so called quicker option with charge. Every time my reaction is; “slimy bstrds.”

  1. “Another thing,consumer protection, that you won’t get from pretend iPhones.”

    And an easily added feature if not by Pretend OS, it’s freely developed App environment. Someone could make an App for that, unimpeded, no permission required.

    1. Just so I understand you… Are you saying that a comparable solution on Android would be to require the uninformed user that would be benefited by this feature to be informed enough to download and install an app to save themselves from themselves?

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