“Last week, Apple added a 256GB RAM configure-to-order option for the iMac Pro,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “Unfortunately, if you already purchased an iMac Pro with 128GB of RAM or less, upgrading to 256GB does not appear to be possible.”

“The new 256GB RAM option consists of four 64GB memory modules, and in an internal document distributed to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers,” Rossignol reports, “Apple states that the new configured-to-order iMac Pro is the only model designed to work with those 64GB memory DIMMs.”

Rossignol reports, “256GB of RAM is a $5,200 upgrade option on Apple’s online store, in addition to the iMac Pro’s base $4,999 price.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Progress marches on. Those iMac Pro units were sold without a 256GB option. Apple figured out a way to make 256GB a possibility. That is a Good Thing™.

Complaining about not being able to upgrade a machine purchased with 128GB RAM as the maximum spec at time of purchase is akin to complaining that your non-Retina MacBook Air can’t have a Retina display because new MacBook Airs do. Obviously, something is special about the design of that BTO iMac Pro that precludes upgrading to 256GB.

Pros who need 256GB RAM will sell their iMac Pro unit(s) and replace with the new model.