Apple’s iMac Pro can only be upgraded to 256GB RAM at time of purchase

“Last week, Apple added a 256GB RAM configure-to-order option for the iMac Pro,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “Unfortunately, if you already purchased an iMac Pro with 128GB of RAM or less, upgrading to 256GB does not appear to be possible.”

“The new 256GB RAM option consists of four 64GB memory modules, and in an internal document distributed to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers,” Rossignol reports, “Apple states that the new configured-to-order iMac Pro is the only model designed to work with those 64GB memory DIMMs.”

Rossignol reports, “256GB of RAM is a $5,200 upgrade option on Apple’s online store, in addition to the iMac Pro’s base $4,999 price.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Progress marches on. Those iMac Pro units were sold without a 256GB option. Apple figured out a way to make 256GB a possibility. That is a Good Thing™.

Complaining about not being able to upgrade a machine purchased with 128GB RAM as the maximum spec at time of purchase is akin to complaining that your non-Retina MacBook Air can’t have a Retina display because new MacBook Airs do. Obviously, something is special about the design of that BTO iMac Pro that precludes upgrading to 256GB.

Pros who need 256GB RAM will sell their iMac Pro unit(s) and replace with the new model.


      1. because when implemented properly, an Apple display wasn’t a dumb monitor. It included: a USB hub, a Facetime camera, and halfway decent speakers and microphone. It was a perfect accompaniment to a Mini or the home display for your MacBook. They never were pro display worthy, as Apple never achieved color accuracy and resolution that serious digital arts demand.

        But now we have no choice. Apple displays, once upon a time, complimented desktop and MacBook designs perfectly. Now your desk has to be covered with breakout boxes, cables, and so forth. Now Apple sends those profits directly to other companies.

    1. “… useless in MOST operations”

      Brilliant observation, contributing much to the conversation.
      Your insight must explain why the vast majority of personal computers have less RAM than 256 GB.

      Well done.

  1. Complaining about not being able to upgrade a machine purchased with 128GB RAM as the maximum spec at time of purchase is akin to complaining that your non-Retina MacBook Air can’t have a Retina display because new MacBook Airs do

    Utter BS analogy. There are a number of older user-serviceable Macs where you can put more RAM in than Apple’s own official maximums. And yes, the OS recognizes all of it.

    Yes even double the official max. Look no further back in time than the 2013 Mac Pro. Official max: 64 GB. Actual max: 128 GB. There are upgrade kits for sale.


    Stop trying to justify Apple’s user-hostile, sealed-tight policies designed to force expensive up-front RAM and storage upgrades.

  2. Pros who need 256GB RAM will give up on Apple and their price gouging. Windows has it’s problems but the Apple advantage has deteriorated to nothing. I’ve never bought a window box myself, but I can no longer recommend Macs to my friends. They AREN’T easier to use, they don’t do anything better then Windows, it’s just sad.

  3. MDN’s take on ‘people not being able to upgrade’ is ignorant and shows nothing more than being that far up the anal shoot of Apple make the whole MDN website nothing more than a promotional machine for Apple

    For pro’s they really are a complete cluster F*&K, Old, useless, company suits with no vision.
    Living of Steve’s greatness and the many talented employees who keep the ship sort of going in the right direction!

    Most Apple geeks (me for sure) look at Apple now with disgust and distaste because we are stuck, our innovation curtailed because Apple are too inept to build Pro machines that will allow us to push our own creative limits.

    A clown outfit who think shallow celebrity’s and playing with token Netflix/Disney media impersonation is the way forward while messing up the core of who they are supposed to be a software/computer company everything they are trying is even more out of the scope for these tired old CEO’s with no clue of what to do next.

    People are starting to see beyond the hype the ‘Steve sheen’ is wearing out.

      1. I am a self confessed Apple so Geek maybe go back and re-read what I have written as its a feeling many people who have been ‘Applites’ since 1980 agree on.
        Poor updating , Poor Pro support, Poor Quality control, Poor Vision, cluster F*&King updates in hardware and software.

        We expect more because that’s why the things are so expensive they are supposed to ‘Just work’ and as creators ourselves we also expect Apple to always supply us the tools we need to compete with windoze machines at the very least.

        “WE ARE STUCK” because Apple are a massive cluster F&%k run by people who inherited a great company but have no idea how to keep the basics ticking over. The IPHONE is all they see and they are too full of their own greatness to care about the nuts and bolts to the point that the plane will soon come crashing down around them as they scurry to try and become Netflix (which will never happen unless they buy then)

        Come on they can not even keep inventory up to date as they are too busy pampering to the famous people and that fake world of haves vs have nots. its shallow and a joke and having paid many times over to be apart of the Apple ride I expect those at the top to at least do right by their users but they don’t get it.

        But credit to the executives for really nailing the Animoji’s JOKE

        1. Interesting term ‘Applites’ and there are more of them than us.

          Yes, I too have been a legacy Apple owner since my Lisa and with crystal clarity simply ignore the pity pleadings of thin skinned fanboys who can’t handle the truth and dismiss us outright. The tired old refrain to go elsewhere ignores the problems with Apple.

          You made a great outreach effort to explain it to them. Sorry, but my money is it fell on deaf ears because they do not understand and NEVER will.

          Keep on Rydering… 👍🏻

  4. Does Apple think that 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory is made of fairy dust???

    On top of the iMac Pro price of $4999, Apple wants $5200 for 256 GB of memory.

    For the equivalent RAM kit, OWC charges $2499.

    Street price is about $1920 for memory alone at NewEgg.

    Perhaps the Apple premium covers the labor cost for Sir Jony to personally install it????

    Of course it’s worse outside Apple’s home market….

    Compared to a starting price of 5499 € for the entire base iMac Pro, this memory upgrade will cost a mere 6240 € in the Euro market. Is the shipping from China to Europe really that expensive? On paper everything Apple does flows through Ireland and the Netherlands and the Cayman Islands, so this is confusing.

    For monolingualists, the 256 RAM costs a dear £4,680 in the formerly “United” Kingdom.

    I realize that Timmy’s Apple now thinks the word “Pro” means “money is no object”, but this continued raping of users is absurd. If Apple doesn’t want to offer customization at Foxconn, then don’t. Make all Macs user-serviceable and sell the RAM at Apple stores for users to install at a reasonable price. Those users who don’t want to lift a finger can pay the installation fee, which should be no more than $100/hour x 0.10 hours = $10. For everyone else, Apple saves money, users save money. Is that too hard Timmy?

  5. To me it’s a bunch of bullshit that you cannot upgrade your own memory ram it is a money grab that is unnecessary I have on many IMACs and PCs and other models of Macs as well there is no excuse that her user is not allowed to upgrade their own memory absolutely pathetic they have not learned shit

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