Apple Card: More than just a mere credit card

“Apple has already made big changes to how we buy things, now that it’s possible to use Apple Pay to check out with a flick of the wrist or a press of a button,” Jef Porten writes for TidBITS. “Apple Pay alone is on track to process 10 billion transactions this year.”

“Apple’s recent announcement of the new Apple Card service, at first blush, may seem like just another added feature—now Apple Pay can have a line of credit,” Porten writes. “But it’s possible that this will impact the credit industry almost as profoundly as how Blockbuster Video was changed when Netflix started sending DVDs in red envelopes.”

“In fact, scratch the surface, and there’s quite a lot that’s stunning about these Apple Card policies. What appears to be a few user-friendly features could have massive ramifications,” Porten writes. “Just as the iPhone blew away every mobile phone with a keyboard, I believe that the Apple Card could mark a similar turning point for consumer finance. First for what customers expect from their financial service providers, second for government action driven by those changes, and finally for the corporations themselves. The more people who use Apple Card, the faster these changes could occur.”

Much more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

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      1. If Timmy hadn’t wasted billions buying back AAPL, the Apple wouldn’t need to partner with a thievery outfit in order to extend credit to consumers.

        The question i have is why Apple thinks anyone wants to carry around a titanium card. Affluent iPhone owners already have loaded their existing cards into Apple Wallets. So they are already secure.

        What is the selling feature of this card?

  1. The speculative paragraph beginning “Here is where Apple gets to exercise its power in an interesting way:” detracts from an otherwise cogent article.

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