Apple’s TV app coming to Roku, Amazon, other platforms – but not Google’s Android

“Apple Inc. on Monday showed it can open up its software and services to devices that compete with its own — but only when absolutely necessary,” Mark Gurman writes for Bloomberg News.

“The company’s updated TV app, including a new subscription for original movies and TV shows, will launch on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. But it will also be available via gadgets from Inc. and Roku Inc., and smart TVs from LG Electronics Inc., Sony Corp., and Samsung Electronics Co.,” Gurman writes. “One company that went unmentioned in the iPhone maker’s two-hour presentation: Google, owner of Android, which powers about 85 percent of the latest smartphones.”

“Apple is making a calculated bet that it doesn’t need those Android phone users — or has other ways of reaching them that don’t require cozying up to arch-rival Google,” Gurman writes. “Netflix Inc., the video streaming leader, provides a clue to Apple’s approach. Netflix said last year that 70 percent of its subscribers watch the service on a TV… Netflix has a booming business outside the U.S., so if it can only get 10 percent of viewers from Android, then Apple likely decided it was worth the risk to ignore that distribution channel.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What we wrote yesterday regarding Apple News+ goes for this as well:

People who settle for cheap, pretend iPhones, peddled BOGOF, don’t generally spend money on software or subscription services. They won’t miss Apple News+, because they’d never consider releasing the moths from their wallets to get it anyway. We bet the vast majority of Texture subscribers were iOS users. We bet the vast majority of physical magazine and newspaper subscribers are Apple product users who have discretionary income and the proven will to spend it. That’s why Apple isn’t bothering with an Apple News+ app for Android.

Roku CEO: Apple well-positioned to be successful with Apple TV+ – March 26, 2019


  1. I dont think I agree with that I know many people with a cheap phone who also have an Amazon account and a Netflix account. I would say the cutoff is around 500 dollars if your shelling out for a 700 -1000 dollar phone you are more likely to be willing to pay for subscriptions

    1. Well they certainly seem to be creating a league table of friends and enemies which is flexible enough to vary depending upon product area/type which is far more sensible than the old black & white approach that depended upon if you competed against Apple or not rather than a balanced more fluid approach that balanced the positive/negative aspects of closing others out. It shows in the recent gradual thawing of relations with Amazon and with the increasing importance of services to the company, alliances and. Operation will become an increasing necessity while picking them correctly the biggest challenge.

  2. Though I can see Amazon devices as a potential source for Apple TV+ viewers, I don’t have high expectations of Apple picking up any premium channels subscribers on the platform. Pricing will be very crucial on those Fire OS devices for just the ‘basic’ Apple TV+ service.

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