Apple releases Shortcuts 2.2

Apple has updated the company’s Shortcuts app to version 2.2 which includes the following:

• Create and access Notes in your shortcuts with the new Create Note, Append to Note, Find Notes, and Show Note actions
• Pull out numbers from text using the new Get Numbers from Input action
• Tapping on the Library tab will now scroll to the bottom of your shortcuts list
• Get Travel Time now returns more details, including route name, arrival time, and distance
• Bug fixes and improvements

More info via Apple’s App Store here.


  1. I just don’t get the Shortcuts App. Why do I need to use another app to set up things for Siri to do? If the Shortcuts app already has the shortcut, then why not just permit Siri to do the action directly? I know, I know… uses can set up more advanced/ complex links of actions. That is great for power users willing to “play around” in Shortcuts. I wonder what percentage of “regular users” actually use Shortcuts. I’m guessing it is VERY LOW.

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