“While I sat inside the Steve Jobs Theater watching Big Bird talk to a hand puppet on the stage, I realized Apple was not the same company I knew not long ago,” Mark Sullivan writes for Fast Company.

“Yeah, yeah, I know: Apple, under CEO Tim Cook, is becoming a services company to account for flagging iPhone sales growth. What we saw [yesterday], at Apple’s ‘It’s Show Time’ event in Cupertino – maybe for the first time – is the public face of that new company,” Sullivan writes. “Part of the reason the presentation felt so different is because it was as much about other companies as it was about Apple. It was about Apple putting an App’ wrapper on a bunch of content and services made by third parties.”

“‘It was Apple not telling it’s own story, maybe for the first time,”’ says Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies,” Sullivan writes. “There’s nothing wrong with Apple being a services company. Not monetizing the 1.4 billion iDevices out in the wild is just leaving money on the table. It’s also a matter of survival. The question is the company’s identity.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tim Cook has a thankless (besides the hundreds of millions of dollars Apple has and will pay him in gratitude) task in life: Follow the unfollowable.

Among other things, Steve Jobs was a visionary genius and a natural born showman. Obviously, Tim Cook is neither of those things. Still, Apple is full of creative geniuses and we keep hearing from little birds who chirp to us about truly magical things to come. Keep the faith! Apple is in transition, maybe a little confused, but Apple is still Apple.

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