Apple now wants to be your cable provider, newsstand, credit card and arcade. But will it save you money?

“You know Apple as the company that makes your iPhone. On Monday, it said it also wants to be your cable guy, newsstand, credit card, and video arcade,” Geoffrey A. Fowler writes for The Washington Post. “Add up all those new services, and Apple is becoming a kind of online club. The question is: Why should we join?”

“The Apple club promises to make life a bit simpler, includes some celebrities — exclusive access to Oprah! — and cares a lot about your privacy,” Fowler writes. “But it would be an easier sell if Apple also demonstrated that Apple TV+, News+, Card and Arcade could save you money. Instead, after a two-hour commercial at its headquarters in Silicon Valley on Monday, Apple didn’t even tell us how much some of these services would cost.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s lack of pricing information along with a bunch of “later this year” launch dates has, predictably, gone over like a lead balloon.

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  1. Yah gotta spend money to save money – the lie every ad and sale ad uses rather than acknowledging not spending at all is the true “discount” and money still in your pocket.

    You also have to consider the convenience and added security factors which seems to be what Apple is stressing heavily.

    1. a premium company, which is what Apple wants to be now, never saves a customer money. if you’re lucky the unique attributes of the expensive Apple offering will be worth the price.

      i have serious doubts. doesn’t sound like Apple knows how to delight anyone anymore. especially if they cannot deliver timely Mac updates while launching the big media subscription pushes.

  2. That this event was a flop and not much was ready isn’t at all a surprise. The question why nothing much is ever ready or done right anymore has obvious answers. The real question is why and why Apple’s board isn’t making changes.

    Apple must have the same people who designed this MDN app and its ad placement making all their decisions.

  3. News+ is already saving me money. There is no way I would have the time to read enough of the magazines that would make subscribing to a dozen magazines worth it (by the old model). But now I can peruse a bunch of magazines that I have enjoyed in the past without the hundreds of dollars it would take to subscribe to them all. Beyond that, Apple’s prioritization of privacy is a HUGE value to me in that I prefer to be treated as a customer and not a commodity. So the ability to consume media, shop products, complete financial transactions, etc. without automatically having my personal information get scooped up and commoditized is key.

  4. The question is: Why should we join?”

    Because I’m sick of paying 150 per month for supposedly 1 GB internet to my service provider. If they offer it, I’ll subscribe.

  5. Well, one thing I have always said is Apples family sharing is a deal. If family sharing works with all the other services this will be a deal for some.
    I just hope they figure out individual profiles. Also my privacy is worth something to me.

  6. There are an awful lot of people at Apple drawing rather large paychecks who seem content to live off of the work of those present during the Steve Jobs era.

    I am not seeing much of value, but I see an awful lot of half baked shit brownies coming out of the oven. Credit Cards, Tim?

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