Know when malware tries to access your Mac’s camera or mic with this app

“I started covering the camera on my laptop around five years ago,” Emily Price writes for Lifehacker. “At the time, my decision was prompted less by a security concern and more because someone handed me a camera cover at a conference, but the threat is most definitely real.”

“Without even mentioning targeted hacks, malware will often spy on computer users, recording video or audio, sometimes in a way that can go entirely undetected,” Price writes. “Oversight is a piece of software for Mac that monitors your Mac’s mic and webcam and then lets you know through a pop up if and when the internal mic in your computer is activated or when an app accesses the webcam.”

More info and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Softare is nice, but “hardwre” is foolproof. We use camJAMR camera covers on our iMacs and MacBook Airs. They’re removable/reusable. We’ve stuck and unstuck them hundreds of times. We just leave them on and peel them aside when we want to use our Macs’ cameras.

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    1. The issue in going w/ a sticker-over-the-cam solution is that it only solves half the issue. The audio can still be captured which often the more critical of the 2 things..

  1. Gaffer tape. Can be stuck and unstuck over and over, and doesn’t leave residue behind. Fold it on itself at one end to create a tab to grasp for easy removal.

  2. Have used Oversight in the past. It used to freeze up all the time, without indication, so you were unaware of whether it was working or not. (If you happened to roll over its icon in the menu bar, you’d see the scrolling rainbow circle). Kind of defeated the purpose. Not sure if it’s been updated since to rectify that problem, but it would be rather important for developer to do so.

  3. On an Apple device, WHY WOULD WE NEED ANY 3RD PARTY APP FOR THIS????????????

    Maybe Apple needs to honor their commitments to users, guarantee privacy with simple effective security. Is Jony too busy to design an alyooominyum shutter over cameras?

  4. I am 100% sure that app will be secretly performing the
    same activities as the malwares it claims to be monitoring.😳…🤔…🥴…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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