These apps are stealing your most private data and it should be a crime

“Some of the most popular apps in some of the most popular categories are stealing your most personal, private data and handing it over to Facebook, Google, and other ‘analytics companies,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

“Why are they doing this? Because the Facebooks and Googles are pressuring and bribing them to, so they can better fill out our profiles and shadow profiles, and better bundle us up for their data exploitations businesses,” Ritchie writes. “But it doesn’t really **** matter why they’re doing it. It’s abhorrent and egregious enough simply that they’re doing it.”

“Facebook is sticking to deny, dissemble, deflect, and Google is… either apologizing when they get caught or hiding and hoping our attention span is too short for them to face any consequences,” Ritchie writes. “It’s disappointing if not surprising this activity isn’t expressly illegal everywhere. Data theft is still theft and this type of stuff happens so frequently, even with policies, even with fines, that the only way to stop it seems to be by making sure it’s criminal. That if you fail to disclose what data you’re taking and who you’re sharing it with, you’ll face charges. You’ll go to jail… And until that happens, the platform owners, Apple, and Microsoft, and yes, even and especially Google needs to hold every app and every developer accountable.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google needs to developer accountable? Heh. Good luck with that.

Google needed to be broken up five years ago (at least). Currently, Google’s accountable to nobody.

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    1. Google should be treated like a public utility. They make money from you just by your use of the internet. That demands regulation. Same for Facebook, and yes, Apple.

  1. The majority Capitalist and Libertarian US Congress wrote the laws that way. Why should the US Congress protect the general public from being spied upon when the specific public, such as the acquisitive corporation, pays it not to?

  2. Believe it or not..there are plenty of people that are ok with handing over their data. I’ve even heard people say they want targeted ads. It is the new Stockholm syndrome for people committed to Android.

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