Some people really like the iPhone SE, but Apple doesn’t seem to care

“Apple has put yet another batch of iPhone SE smartphones up for sale at its clearance store – it keeps selling them, people keep buying them, but will the company ever get the message?” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple invented the user interface, has developed the world’s fastest mobile processor, bought us the iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and yet it still hasn’t joined these dots: If you can keep selling a two-year old product in 2019, then there’s probably a market for that product,” Evans writes. “A couple of years old the existing model still does much of what most users need. Just because you don’t see yourself as a reborn Don McCullin dedicated to capturing the world in pictures, or aren’t yet ready to live like a Jetson in some augmented reality doesn’t mean you don’t want all the other things that make iPhones great. Mail, apps, music, web and social media is enough for many of us – what’s wrong with that?”

Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE

Evans writes, “Yet the whispers from the secret squirrels churning out confidential data from inside of the Apple rumor gold mine (and it is) suggest Apple has no plans to launch an iPhone SE 2.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Some people really like the iPhone SE, but” not enough of them to be worth making an iPhone SE 2, it seems. Which, of course, would be why Apple doesn’t seem to care.

Yes, during these rapid sell-out clearance sales, the SE seems popular, but that’s only when you realize that we have no idea if Apple has 10 million units in stock or 10 thousand.

This is Apple, so you never know. But that can also be good news, too. Hope springs eternal! We’d love to see how an iPhone SE 2 with a edge-to-edge 4.7-inch in a Home button-free body much the same size as the original SE would sell around the world.

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  1. There you go impersonating others again Zero Von Greenspan etc loser.

    Wonder why MDN does not attempt to get rid of you.
    You and a few others pretty much ruin the who experience fo this site.
    Yet there is no doubt in my mind that you are proud of it …. just as much as you are proud of coming across as an ignorat fool !!!

  2. Apple operates a small Pacific island – the Island of Misfit Products, where it sends the things it makes that it hates because people refuse to stop liking them. The iPhone SE is there. The Airport is there, but just its corpse. The iMac is there. The Mac Pro has been there in solitary confinement for a decade or more. Nobody can remember. Apple TV is there. The MacBooks are there. These are all good toys for Apple. Their customer love them if they can still remember them. But Apple is ashamed of these products. It doesn’t do commercials for them. No metrosexual hipster dancers paid to frolic on TV on their behalf. No Keynote mentions. No updates. Some of these products are so sad they are trying to get to the Island of Dell, where Mikey is said to yearn for such good toys. Oh well, at least they have their memories.

    1. The problem with the iPhone SE is that it has a headphone jack. And FSM forbid that Apple is forced to keep producing iPhones that have awful things like headphone jacks that enable users to replace often lost and broken consumables at reasonable prices.

  3. Apple doesn’t make products for ‘some’ people. That’s not a profitable way of doing business. With Apple, it’s either MY way or the highway. For the most part, I don’t think Apple cares what consumers want and I don’t think they ever did. Steve Jobs just happened to know what most consumers wanted. Tim Cook doesn’t.

    I think the SE could be useful to boost iPhone sales, but Apple probably doesn’t see it that way. I don’t see what the big deal would be for Apple to sell an SE2 or whatever but I guess it doesn’t fit in with Apple’s iPhone plans. An extra production line or two must not make sense to the bean counters at Apple.

    I have no idea what Apple is going to do about declining iPhone sales, but they’d better come up with some new revenue streams to offset their losses.

    1. Of course, there’s a saying for what you’re describing:

      “Jack of All Trades, yet Master of None”.

      YMMV, but that doesn’t sound like an insanely great approach to making products which delight customers.

  4. “Apple doesn’t make products for ‘some’ people. That’s not a profitable way of doing business.”

    I actually think it IS a profitable way of doing business. It’s just that Apple keep increasing the amount of profit they expect. Hundreds of millions is such a paltry amount they can’t be bothered with it – they expect tens of billions or it’s just a rounding error.

  5. Five weeks shy of three years old one fact remains. The SE is the most powerful small form factor iPhone Apple ever built (typing on it now and LOVE it).

    Two speculative scenarios:

    1- MDN is correct the sales are so small it should be thrown in the dustbin of history, or misfit tech land, borrowing from @KENT imaginative post… forever. Wonder about sales in India and China if they still exist, as well as other developing nations.

    2- On the flip side of that coin, possibly it is wildly popular. So popular considering the rising ridiculous priced iPhones costing more than computers — the CEO beancounter fear is more buyers would settle for the basics — similar to iPad buyers passing on computers and the result drag down the bottom line of Apple’s cash cow.

    The ideal SE2 IMHO: Edge to Edge screen with faster and more discreet home button intact. Face ID is a gimmick that most likely would raise the price, don’t need it. Update the tech innards such as chip speed, storage and camera. Keep the headphone jack so my previous purchases are not OBSOLETE and I am not FORCED to spend more on the richest company in history. That said, I could go either way on that one as a compromise for a small pocket iPhone..

    And just then! I woke up… 🙁

  6. SE nostalgia is overblown. The only great things about that frame design was that the power button was in the proper spot and it had a real audio minijack. The square corners were always uncomfortable. And how long will Apple support the old chipset?

    Under duress I just ordered an iPhone 8 because none of the X models make any sense to me. The 4.7 inch screen is just small enough to fit in my pockets. The key is to select a very slim inexpensive TPU case instead of wrapping your phone in a huge fat clunky case. I hate the power button being directly opposite the volume and i hate the need to buy adapters for my headphones (plural) and the glass back worries me about durability. But this is the new Apple – you can’t ever get what you really want.

    I have zero expectations that Apple will ever deliver another smaller phone. Apple thinks its watch replaces the small screen phone (it does NOT). For future phones Apple seems to have made its bed with Samsung so every future screen from Apple will look almost exactly like a Sammy OLED phone. Because Timid Timmy is too busy trying to be a Hollywood player, it looks like Sammy is now in the lead on phone innovations. Most of which I don’t want, but still, Apple isn’t innovating in any meaningful way anymore.

    1. This: “I have zero expectations that Apple will ever deliver another smaller phone. Apple thinks its watch replaces the small screen phone (it does NOT).” makes no sense.
      The SE screen has just the ideal size for an organizer and phone. The Apple Watch can’t be compared for that purpose.

  7. Although I voted you 5 stars, I disagree, a great thing about it was how nice and small it is in your pocket. I too just got an iPhone 8, replacing a 6s, for similar reason (saved at least $400 vs getting last years X). Love the 8, but once in a while it is uncomfortable in my jeans pocket when it shifts round a certain way. The rumored 4.7″ SE2 sounded like a dream to me. A screen the same size as our iPhone 8 in a much smaller body. Love the idea and it will give me buyers remorse if they do release one, no question.

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