Apple plummets from 1st to 17th on Fast Company’s 2019 World’s Most Innovative Companies list

“Our 2019 ranking of the businesses making the most profound impact on both industry and culture showcases a variety of ways to thrive in today’s volatile world,” Fast Company writes.

“This year, Fast Company’s editors and writers sought out groundbreaking businesses across 35 industries and every region. We also judged nominations received through our application process. The 410 organizations we honor here lead their fields and are transforming the world,” Fast Company writes. “Our annual ranking of the businesses making the most profound impact on both industry and culture showcases a variety of ways to thrive in today’s volatile world.”

Fast Company’s Top 10 (plus one other at #17):

  1. Meituan Dianping
  2. Grab
  3. NBA
  4. The Walt Disney Company
  5. Stitch Fix
  6. Sweetgreen
  7. Apeel Sciences
  8. Square
  9. Oatly
  10. Twitch

  11. Apple: “Apple’s most impressive new product of 2018 wasn’t a phone or a tablet, but a chip: the A12 Bionic,” Harry McCracken writes for Fast Company. “Debuting in last fall’s iPhones, it’s the industry’s first processor based on a seven-nanometer manufacturing process. The A12’s 6.9 billion transistors deliver dramatically faster performance, lower power consumption, and more raw muscle for intensive applications such as AI, AR, and high-end photography. At a time when it remains tougher than ever to induce consumers to upgrade, as proven by Apple’s surprise January move to cut revenue guidance on sluggish iPhone sales, the innovative chip design positions the company to create a whole new generation of irresistible experiences.”

Full delusional pile – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: The hit-whoring is strong with this one. Fast Company needs to put down the pipe. This level of whack is a bad look for them.

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    1. In addition to a master list, Fast Company publishes a breakdown of most innovative companies by sector. Apple topped the list in the “Consumer Electronics” category, beating out companies like Google, Microsoft, and Dell.

      Relevances and perspective matter!

  1. Most of the companies on the list, never heard of, isn’t some form of actual recognition for your innovation required before actually making a list that says your innovative..

  2. Once upon a time Apple “knew” what the user “wanted” like the English butler Jeeves knew what the master wanted.

    These days Apple codescendingly “thinks” it knows what the user “should get” like the old Microsoft. No wonder Apple is sinking fast as an innovative company.

  3. For those who can’t be bothered to read the list, FastCompany claims their review process highlights the outfits that “making the most profound impact on both industry and culture”.

    Meituan Dianping – tech platform for consumer service delivery ordering and management — 27.7 billion transactions for 350 million people in 2800 cities. That’s 1783 service appointments managed per second.
    Grab – ride hailing & services company killed Uber in its region, serving 130 million users, expanding into financial and healthcare
    NBA – launched 2K League on Twitch, a game service
    The Walt Disney Company – pulling content from Netflix and offering its own streaming services.
    Stitch Fix – custom clothing retailer
    Sweetgreen – restaurant offering fast fresh farm-to-table cuisine; 91 restaurants supported by 150 farms
    Apeel Sciences – invented a tasteless edible plant coating to keep produce fresh by sealing the fruit from water loss an oxidation (expensive wax?)
    Square – continuing to make headway offering chic POS terminals
    Oatly – oat milk maker
    Twitch – a division of Amazon – a gaming and live TV platform
    Target – a megaretailer
    Shopify – ecommerce platform
    AnchorFree – VPN & encryption
    Peloton – live streaming fitness classes
    Alibaba – ecommerce giant
    Truepic – photo authentication software
    Apple – microchip designer and fashion accessory retailer

    As with almost all magazine lists, take it with a grain of salt. But nevertheless, it shows that distracted Apple isn’t garnering praise for its meagre me-too offerings. Thanks for nothing Cook.

  4. Apple needs to make an effort to get things right for the customer – not just to make the maximum profit. This is especially true of their Mac offerings which have been showing an increasing number of design issues – lack of ports – graphic glitches due to circuitary issues etc. For ‘top prices’ we should have ‘top quality’…

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