New York City will lose the bulk of the 25,000 jobs that were promised as Amazon pulls HQ2 due to local opposition

“Most of the 25,000 jobs that were supposed to come to Amazon’s HQ2 in New York City will now go elsewhere, now that Amazon has announced it’s backing out of its agreement with the city,” Eugene Kim reports for CNBC. “Amazon’s spokesperson told CNBC on Thursday that the bulk of the 25,000 jobs that the company had promised to create in New York City for HQ2 will now go to other corporate offices and tech hubs owned by Amazon across 17 North American cities, including Boston, San Francisco and Vancouver.”

MacDailyNews Take: Just like baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Boston beats NY, yet again. 🙂

“The loss of most of the new jobs is a major setback for New York as Amazon’s new headquarters and its additional workforce were expected to further accelerate the city’s economic growth, especially in certain sectors like technology and advertising,” Kim reports. “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo previously said the deal would bring in approximately $27 billion in revenue in exchange for the roughly $3 billion incentive package.”

“Amazon announced on Thursday in a stunning reversal that it would cancel its plan for a second headquarters in New York City, following mounting opposition from local leaders and policymakers,” Kim reports. “‘Amazon’s decision to withdraw its New York City HQ2 is a setback for the city that illustrates politics and anti-business sentiment can derail economic development despite competitive strengths,’ said Nick Samuels, VP at Moody’s Investors Service.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shades of Apple’s Athenry data center (except Amazon nipped the hijinx in the bud after 3 months instead of Apple’s 3 years).

The whims of the few outweigh the needs of the many.MacDailyNews, December 5, 2017

The moral of the story: What Amazon giveth, Amazon can easily taketh away.

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  1. Lololol. AOC gets total credit for this. She shafted her constituents completely. Disgrace. But you know, she’s celebrating that her constituents property value losses, that the area will loose 25000 jobs averaging 150k!

    Hooray comrades, rejoice, this loss of work and income proves the information purification act of the green new deal WILL PREVAIL!

    Good for Amazon. I hope they find some place that welcomes them, gives them a good deal, and that benefits from that deal as well.

    AOC, the NY Jets of Politics. Grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory!

    1. Zombie, I agree with almost everything you said except, “total credit”. You can’t forget about Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. What a putz! If Nancy isn’t standing in front of him and holding his hand he cowers like a pu$$y. Funny how quiet he has been today.
      “You can’t keep vilifying the people and companies who create jobs and opportunities or they will leave and take their money and jobs with them”. Hmmm…..where have I heard that before?
      Good job NY voters, you voted in these people. I’m just waiting to see how Cuomo balances that budget now. Maybe AOC can find the money in her magic fairy dust.

      1. Ok, so seven votes (so far) for moving Long Island City to a completely different congressional district so you can blame that Member of Congress for something that didn’t happen in her district. What is it about a twenty-something slip of a girl that threatens the masculinity of so many alleged he-men?

        1. Yet the same “thinking Americans” aren’t scared when somebody rejects the authority of Congress to adopt a budget under the very first Article of the Constitution so that he can substitute rule by executive decree. That scares the bejesus out of me, but then I’m not one of you guys that seem to confuse the Representative with Lorena Bobbit.

            1. @Bill the answer can be summed up in one word —HYPOCRISY.

              Liberals like USER never have a problem with it when their team is in charge. Typically exalted, necessary and bold smart moves applauded throughout the liberal media.

              But now, well, you know…

            2. The real hypocrites are the ones who claim that they want to make America great again while rejecting the Constitutional principles that made it great in the first place. Allowing the Executive Branch to usurp the power of the purse from the Legislative Branch is a coup d’etat substituting one man rule for the rule of law.

              If you want to live in a dictatorship, move to one. Don’t expect patriotic Americans to sympathize with your love of autocracy and alter our way of life and manner of government to suit your preferences.

    2. ZeroAOC, the leftist that more left than Timmy Cook, approves of this because I’m a leftist and leftists know that when things don’t go right, go left.

      Amazon’a problems are all Tim Cook’s fault anyway

  2. “‘Amazon’s decision to withdraw its New York City HQ2 is a setback for the city that illustrates politics and anti-business sentiment can derail economic development despite competitive strengths”

    The only word missing is adding Democrat before “politics.” Not a surprise they only mouth jobs at election time, but in the real world do far more harm with job killing regulation and taxation. Since the media is on their side, you will NEVER hear criticisms of Democrats.

    Congrats to 17 cities across the country that will reap the benefits.

    You LOSE New York…

  3. Sounds like Amazon didn’t REALLY want to be in New York.. otherwise they would have seen this through.

    There’s more to this story and Amazon seems to be taking the easy way out.

    1. Nah, they wanted to be in New York, however it was more about some misplaced idea that “NY IS KEWL” or something like that. All the other towns never had a chance, but Amazon loved the publicity they were receiving.

      Now, let’s see if they actually move elsewhere OR if New York was the only place they wanted to be. This could be an embarrassment for liberal Amazon AND liberal New York!

    2. Yes, there’s more to this story.

      Short version is that AMZN had received good enough offers from both NY & VA and they want (need) to pursue both … but not quite for the reasons being claimed.

      As things went forward, there was NYC Community pushback on some issues – – not bad pushback until AMZN handled it poorly: largely it was community stuff that AMZN should have freely offered upfront if they were really good neighbors in philosophical bent – but since they didn’t and were being pressured into it, they were revealed, so AMZN has officially ly folded up their tent and left.

      But the real reality is that AMZN already has a large presence in the NYC Metro area and that’s not going away – – its going to grow even if the don’t put an official “HQ” building here.

      TL;DR: AMZN tried a gambit for a $3B tax break and lost it.

      And speaking of “more to the story”…

      Try to find information on AMZN’s claimed “25,000 jobs” – – specifically, just what was the planned mix of which types at what pay levels?

      Amazon did claim that the average annual salary would be $150K, but other than that, nothing. For all we know, that could be a hundred Senior VPs earning $30M/yr and 24,900 splitting the remaining $750M with minimum wage level $30K/yr salaries.

      FYI, there has been some external reports that stated that half the jobs were minimum-wage level.

      And Amazon is doing a lot in this region with product distribution – – they’re actively expanding their own fleet of delivery trucks now, for example.

      As such, I’m not at all surprised that reportedly half these jobs are non-technical and low paying…

      So long as the offer of a tax break of $48K/worker when half the jobs are going to pay less than $48K, AMZN was willing to “deal” … but when they started to get squeezed on making sure that those low paid jobs wouldn’t be that low paid, they walked. It makes utterly no fiscal sense for a Government entity to offer a tax break of $48K/worker when half the jobs are going to pay less than $48K, so NYC really won this round; they’re better off without AMZN under these terms.

  4. Corporatists deplore the loss of slave labor jobs but I am glad that AOC cut to the chase and called out Billionaire Bezios. Bazios depends on gov. subsidies and slave laborers who have to go on food stamps while he sips margaritas on his super scooner and counts his money.

  5. Rich company owned by worlds richest man tries to get $2,000,000,000 taxpayer hand out from already congested city. Socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor. Fsck Amazon.

  6. @Zombie
    It’s not just AOC in opposition you individual targeting narrow minded twit. She was just one of the many that
    dared to stand up to a massive cash creation greed machine and said “put a deal on the table that shows you respect New York”. With the type of money Amazon has at it’s disposal it should have been as simple has “Hey NY we wanna build an Headquarter in Queens and as a result 25k well paid jobs will be created. We dont want you to raise taxes on New Yorkers because of us so we will be footing the entire bill.

    1. IMPOSTER!

      Botty was a master of spelling, grammar and sentence construction skills were impeccable. He would have been in favor of the deal for two reasons: Jobs created and tax money returns. The incentive was a small pittance by comparison.

      You are a DISRESPECTFUL pathetic lying low life…

    2. A major MISTAKE where you revealed yourself IMPOSTER, is Botty NEVER rated 100% upvotes. Not once! He typically ranged from 1-1.5 upvotes and most of his posts he received HUNDREDS of downvotes. You are too stupid to realize you called yourself out, Banned in San Diego with the dumb hat.

      I remember one classic post when he called you out after bragging you manage dozens of computers. If I recall, something like scurrying around after dark to downvote others while up voting yourself. That was one of his greatest posts.

      So, we have a FAKE person, with FAKE votes, FAKING a great contributor who is not around anymore.

      Congrats on your perverse pleasures — you hit an epic LOW. Enjoy FAKE LIFE in the rat hole… 🖕

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