Apple clears Google, Facebook to run private iOS apps again via reinstated enterprise certificates

“Google and Facebook employees can once again use private iOS apps after Apple reinstated the necessary enterprise certificates,” Liam Tung reports for ZDNet. “[Apple] yesterday had yanked the certificates from both companies for misusing them to distribute data-gathering iOS apps to the public.”

“While Apple’s move blocked the two non-compliant research apps, it also blocked private iOS apps the companies had been legitimately using with employees,” Tung reports. “Google and Facebook on Thursday confirmed to the media that Apple had reinstated their certificates, clearing them to use internal iOS apps once again. ”

Tung reports, “Apple is now likely to crack down on misuse by other companies too.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Lessons learned at Facebook and Google? We wouldn’t bet on it.

Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program is, in part, intended to help developer’s distribute and securely host proprietary, in-house iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps within their organization to employees’ devices.

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  1. In a sense it is to Apple’s benefit to reinstate certificates or risk loss of users that are used to services from Google/FB after finding the iOS version begins to severe lag in feature updates to their Android App counterparts. Perhaps another level of certificates might be worked out where Beta apps for usage research can be distributed to non-employee users that agree to the conditions of the Beta program.

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