Why is Apple going to sleep?

“Apple recently made headlines by rolling out its Beddit sleep tracker — a product that allows anyone to track the quality of their sleep without needing to wear it to bed or worry about turning it on every night,” Matteo Franceschetti writes for Forbes. “So why is one of the world’s largest tech companies pouring resources into the mundane issue of sleep? Because it isn’t actually mundane: Sleep is the future of health.”

“You see, wellness has three pillars: nutrition, exercise and sleep. Nutrition and exercise are already well-known, studied and attended to by all types of products and services. But the third pillar, sleep, is equally important and often overlooked,” Franceschetti writes. “The average American is getting just 6.8 hours per night, down more than an hour from over six decades ago. This deficit recently led The New York Times to call sleep improvement ‘the simplest way to drastically improve your life.'”

“Apple knows that better sleep is more than just a trend, more than a market opportunity,” Franceschetti writes. “Sleep is already a huge business, and with a company like Apple getting involved, it’s certain to continue to grow. Sleep trackers alone are a $1.3 billion market and are projected to expand at a CAGR of 7.6% by 2028.”

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MacDailyNews Note: The Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 is in the Apple Store here.

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  1. I have some cheap Vivofit I wear that somehow measures my sleep time (not even quality of sleep). It’s OK, but measuring sleep isn’t something that Apple can turn into solid revenue. Many people lose sleep because their lifestyle doesn’t allow much sleep. Things like travel time to get to and from their jobs or things to do at home, like cleaning or taking care of children can really cut into sleep time. It’s just not easy to get plenty of sleep, especially when stressed out.

    Measuring sleep is one thing, getting good sleep is something else.

  2. I had version 1 and a free upgrade to version 2 when it was just Beddit. Works really well. Nice to not have to wear anything. Just a ribon cable under the sheet. Tracks breath rate, heart rate, movement and if you leave the bed.
    Only downside was the ribbon did not hold up well at the junction to a regular cable.

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