“Apple has filed a patent application for a wearable device with sensors that could measure electrocardiographic signals, the tech titan’s latest push into the health care field,” Ed Carson reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “It could be a wristband, ring or other form on the body.”

“Apple filed the patent on April 15, according to a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filing Thursday,” Carson reports. Apple has been expanding into health care, with its ResearchKit released last year.”

“The Apple Watch, Apple’s first wearable, can monitor your pulse,” Carson reports. “An upcoming Apple Watch software update will let people contact 911 via their wearable.”

Apple files patent application for a heart-monitoring wearable device

Apple files patent application for a heart-monitoring wearable device

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s patent application abstract:

A wearable device configured to acquire and process electrocardiographic measurements, detect lead inversion and correct the acquired measurements for lead inversion is provided. In one example, the wearable device can detect lead inversion by first assessing whether the P-wave of a given electrocardiographic measurement has a negative amplitude, and if the P-wave is found to be negative, the device can determine if the magnitude of the R-wave is smaller than the maximum of the magnitudes of the S-wave and the Q-wave. In another example, the device can be put through an enrollment procedure in which electrocardiographic measurements are taken with the device being worn at known locations on the body. Once the enrollment procedure is completed, when the device is being used, any electrocardiographic results obtained can be compared against the measurements taken during the enrollment phase, and the location of the device on the body can be determined.