Apple Watch could save your life with upcoming feature

“The recent murders of two female joggers in separate incidents on the East Coast [of the U.S.] show the need for mobile technology that can quickly contact police in an emergency,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “An upcoming feature for Apple’s smartwatch could be a lifesaver.”

“The SOS feature in the watchOS 3 software update, due out this fall, acts as a panic button for people to call 911 from their Apple Watch,” Seitz reports. “To activate SOS and call 911 for help, you only need to press and hold the side button on the Apple Watch for about three seconds.”

“Apple says the feature will work in all countries where the watch is sold. The feature sends your current location to emergency officials,” Seitz reports. “Apple also has included the ability to cancel the SOS call within 10 seconds in case the dialing happened accidentally. The SOS feature also can be used for medical emergencies. It can be programmed to share a basic medical ID, giving emergency services your name, age, and listing any medical conditions. It also will automatically message the friends and family you have assigned as contacts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A very useful feature that most certainly will save lives.


  1. Sounds good on paper, I worry about how much accidental calls will happen tying up 911 calls for actual emergencies. Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but that is my worry with it. And media will have a field day with it.

  2. What will save their lives is when they wise up and quit putting themselves in these situations. It’s just a fact that there are deviants and evil people in this world who will take advantage of woman who don’t take precautions. As far as I’m concerned these women should have been trained and armed to protect their own lives. That is, if the states they live in allow them the basic right of defending their lives.

    1. I don’t know how old you are, How About…but by saying “they (women) should wise up and quit putting themselves in these situations” is like saying people should know better and not get into car accidents.

      Even if a women takes every precaution to stay safe, that something or someone could still come into that women’s life in the blink of an eye.

      1. As a female, I somewhat agree with “How about” I am always surprised to see a woman walking home late at night, alone. Or jogging in secluded areas alone. We can say women should be empowered to walk wherever they want any time they want, but the truth is a man with a weapon or a strong one without can put an end to that empowerment real fast. Truth is you have to not put yourself in a position to be easy prey for these sick individuals that do exist no matter how many Take Back the Night protests or empowerment hashtags are texted. These sicko’s don’t care about rights or rules. Women have to be smart enough to avoid risky situations. Granted some men break into homes where you are supposed to be completely safe, or other things go wrong where it should be safe. So anything can happen. It’s a sad situation that sometimes can be avoided and sometimes it’s just nothing else you could have done. But having a weapon could save her life. I don’t have one, but I applaud any woman who does get herself one.

        1. Thanks. As a woman occasionally needing to walk alone at night in the city, I have relied both on my wits and on a concealed weapon. I had to talk my way out of dicey situations a few times, but the feel and sense of my Kimber hardware leant me the confidence to do that. — Before any of you lads suggest women should never walk alone, I suggest you examine yourselves. If YOU had to walk home after dark through a sketchy neighborhood, wouldn’t you welcome being accompanied by myself: armed and dangerous—?

  3. This will be just like Apple Pay. One emergency center out of 250,000 will have the equipment to handle the calls, and that one will not have trained its personnel to operate it.

  4. Those two female joggers would have been better off armed with a gun and no not Apple’s stupid emoji green squirt gun. Because when seconds count, police are minutes away!

  5. Relying on police to save you is stupid

    1. Don’t do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places

    2. You can only rely on yourself for protection. Carry a gun. (Get training on defense shooting)

  6. Yup, by the time police arrived, you would be dead. A nice little snub nosed 38 special could have saved them. Fight, don’t surrender to psychopaths. And for all you Anti gunners out there, tell those dead ladies again how a gun would not have helped at all..yeah, I though so…

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