“During the unveiling of the new Apple Watch, the iPhone-maker presented the wearable as primarily a fitness device. And although there are still several fitness functionalities the Apple Watch is missing, it’s no surprise that the company is looking to fill in some of the blanks,” James Vincent reports for The Verge.

“According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on a number of new apps for its wearable, including one tracking users’ sleep and another interpreting their general fitness based on heartbeat data.,” Vincent reports. “Both of these functionalities could be implemented on current Apple Watch hardware (which can already track wearers’ motion and heart rate, but doesn’t interpret this information). But exactly how these apps would work isn’t clear.”

Vincent reports, “Creating a sleep-tracking app might be tricky considering that most Apple Watch owners have to charge their device overnight — something that can’t be done while wearing the device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nothing precludes Apple from releasing a device designed expressly for sleep-tracking. Put your Apple Watch on the charger and slap on Apple’s sleep tracking slap bracelet (optimally, slap on the sleep tracker first, then remove your Apple Watch and vice versa when you awake in order to have zero data gaps). With Continuity, that data can be on the Apple Watch, your iPhone, iPad, Mac, iCloud and anywhere else you need it automatically.

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