Apple’s Mac App Store welcomes Microsoft Office 365

Today, Office 365 is available for the first time on the Mac App Store, making it easier than ever for Mac users to download Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and the whole suite of Microsoft’s popular apps. Users can also purchase a subscription for Office 365 from within the apps, so they can get up and running instantly.

Office 365 for Mac has been designed specifically to support features that are unique to the Mac experience — features like Dark Mode and Continuity Camera in macOS, as well as the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and the Mac’s industry-leading Trackpad.

“We are excited to welcome Microsoft Office 365 to the all new Mac App Store in macOS Mojave,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, in a statement. “Apple and Microsoft have worked together to bring great Office productivity to Mac users from the very beginning. Now, with Office 365 on the Mac App Store, it’s easier than ever to get the latest and best version of Office 365 for Mac, iPad and iPhone.”

Microsoft Office 365 is now available on the Mac App Store for the first time.
Microsoft Office 365 is now available on the Mac App Store for the first time.

“We are excited to announce that today Office 365 is arriving in the Mac App Store,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president at Microsoft, in a statement. “We have worked closely with Apple to provide Mac users with the very best productivity experience — one that offers everything they know and love about Office through an experience uniquely designed for the Mac.”

In business, as at home, employees want access to the best devices and apps to do their work. With Office 365 on the Mac App Store, these apps can now be easily distributed to employees using Apple Business Manager, a central dashboard where IT can deploy devices, apps and licenses. Now IT can quickly enable employees to get to work with their favorite Office tools across Mac, iPad and iPhone, with great new features designed specifically for Apple devices.

Source: Apple Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: We thanks Jobs every day that we’re not shackled to Microsoft Office (or any Microsoft products)!

We much prefer the seamlessness and elegance of Apple’s free office suite: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote alongside Mail.

We’re 100% Microsoft-free here and we’re 100% happy about that.

Many users think they need Office on their Macs. Most don’t. After being called vain, stupid, and wasteful by Microsoft, no one should.

We dumped Microsoft Office many years ago for Apple’s iWork which just keeps getting better and better for free and we couldn’t be happier. We advise MacDailyNews readers do the same.MacDailyNews, May 22, 2017

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    1. Whilst you chase your tail, Excel users have gotten real work done. Numbers isn’t even an option.

      What percentage of technical reports and dissertations is done on Pages? 5% at most? It doesn’t “just work”. Word does, if you’d bother to understand it.

      The worlds best and brightest don’t chain themselves to consumer grade office ware from Apple.

      They also don’t rent. Buy Office 2016 for Mac and just get stuff done.

      1. Given the proliferation of office365 subscriptions in the enterprise, a large chunk of people now have the ability to run office at home through their work email account. Many just don’t realise that fact!

        1. I am with Realist when it comes to capabilities of Office. iWork remains a hobby at best.

          What is annoying is that Microsoft Office 365, like Google Docs and others, tracks your every click. At least with standalone Office you can block it from sending marketing data nonstop to the mother ship (Nadella still wants to monitor you too). Don’t think Apple is any better in that respect compared to Microsoft either. It’s rare to find a software company left that honors the whole concept of a PERSONAL computer.

          Given all the high level hacks at supposedly expert IT firms and major corporations, I have zero faith that there won’t be a embarrassing security breaches in the near future at Apple and Microsoft. Jobs didn’t earn my trust with Mobile.Me, and Cook isn’t going to earn my trust with iCloud. Nadella can do nothing to earn my trust unless he personally delivers it to me in writing with a copy of the bond note to cover all costs associated with possible data loss/theft attached. You shouldn’t trust either Big Brother either.

        2. Virtually all of those corporate MS “Home Use Program” Enrollments also allow the person to buy MS Office (NOT MS Office 365) for a very small cost — typically $10 to $20 for the entire suite. If you can’t afford to buy software for a onetime fee of $20 or less you probably can’t afford a computer that can run MS Office.

          What you get in return is the ability to avoid all the strings that come attached to MS Office 365.

          Sure, if you don’t care about those strings, if you don’t care that it’s really ransom ware, if you don’t care that MS Office 365 regularly phones home, if you don’t care that MS Office 365 routinely tells MS what you are doing with it, if you can’t afford $10 – $20, etc., then by all means save < $20 and use MS Office 365.

  1. The description for Office 365 in the App store does not include any figures for the In-App purchases. I am curious to know what the subscriptions will be in the apps downloaded from the Mac App Store. I already have a subscription from Microsoft (I have no choice but to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the work I do for clients).

    1. You DO have alternatives than paying for RANSOMWARE Office 365. You can buy the latest version of MS Office as a single, one-time license and download & install it. The only thing you lose is some of the extremely seldom used (for the vast majority of Office users) Internet aspects of Office 365.

      What you gain is the ability to open your files for many years to come without paying a monthly fee.
      What you gain is the ability to use your copy of MS Office for unlimited periods of time without MS Office needing to phone home.
      What you gain is Microsoft not knowing how you’re using your copy of the Office apps.
      You can even use MS Office (not 365) with iCloud or even MS One Drive is you choose to do so.

  2. I’m looking for assistance because I’m uncertain about the most suitable online platform to purchase Microsoft Office. Could you provide guidance and share your insights on the best places to buy it? Additionally, any information about discounts or subscription options would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. I totally get your concern about finding the best online platform to purchase Microsoft Office. It’s important to ensure you’re getting a legitimate and cost-effective deal. One option worth exploring is . They offer a range of Microsoft Office products and subscriptions, which could be a great fit for your needs. However, I’d recommend considering a few factors before making a final decision. First, check for reputable online retailers that have a good track record for delivering genuine software and reliable customer service. Reviews and testimonials can give you insights into their reputation. Additionally, Microsoft often offers various discounts, especially if you’re a student, educator, or affiliated with a nonprofit organization. You might want to explore Microsoft’s official website for any ongoing promotions or special offers.

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