Huawei wishes followers ‘Happy 2019’ in a tweet sent from a real Apple iPhone

“China’s Huawei Technologies has punished two employees for New Year greetings sent on the smartphone maker’s official Twitter account using an iPhone, an internal memo showed,” Reuters reports. “Huawei, whose P-series handsets compete with Apple’s iPhone, on New Year’s Day wished followers a ‘Happy #2019’ in a tweet marked sent ‘via Twitter for iPhone.’ The tweet was quickly removed but screenshots of the blunder spread across social media.”

“Huawei, which overtook Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone vendor by volume in January-September, declined to comment on internal issues when contacted by Reuters,” Reuters reports. “Huawei in the memo said the blunder showed procedural incompliance and management oversight. It said it had demoted two employees responsible by one rank and reduced their monthly salaries by 5,000 yuan ($728.27).”

MacDailyNews Take: Now, they’ll have to settle for cheap, fake iPhones from the likes of their IP-trampling employers.

Screenshot of the tweet sent out by Huawei’s social media team from a real Apple iPhone
Screenshot of the tweet sent out by Huawei’s social media team from a real Apple iPhone

“It is not the first time use of the Apple product has given cause for embarrassment,” Reuters reports. “Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of nationalistic tabloid Global Times, was mocked online last year after he used his iPhone when expressing support for Huawei and domestic peer ZTE.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “In a tweet sent from a real Apple iPhone.” As opposed the the fake iPhones that Huawei peddles to the ignorant and/or cheap and forces their employees to use… or so they think.

As always: If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone, you green-bubbled heathens.

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  1. yesterday there were a bunch of articles saying how smart Huawei was as they were dominating phones in China. I guess the staffers ARE smart as they use iPhones.

    I bet you staffers there can get Huawei phones at a massive discount or free and yet they STILL use iPhones…

    1. If you make & sell affordable watches for a living (say Timex) and you make it the biggest brand in the world and you make a very good living doing it, are you expected to live the lifestyle of your customers? If you sell enough Timex watches that you can afford a Rolex, I say more power to you. Just don’t the Rolex at a Timex marketing event.

      It’s unreasonable to expect Huawei employees to exclusively own & use Huawei phones. But from a marketing perspective, it was a bad mistake & the responsible parties should be disciplined, which it sounds like they were.

  2. Well the smart phone era is only a dozen years old (as of Jan 7, 2019) so who wins and who loses over the next decade hasn’t been decided yet. Yes, the bottom end phones around $200 will take the volume leader position. But changes will occur.

    The “phone” has already morphed into the Apple Watch and that is not the end-all.

    My guess is Apple must face the reality that the difference in price from their top of the line phone to the bottom line phone must be like a max of 50% of the premium model. Something like in the car industry.

    Not everyone, even in the tech. industry wants to pay for the “Apple MegaPhone.”

    I don’t care about selfies, face ID unlocking and many other features which no doubt cause some in Apple headquarters to have orgasms.

    Simple pictures, yes, but I’m not shooting for publication or enhancing my FB & Twitter posts (which I don’t do.)

    Yes I do “tech things” but it is very easy to get overdosed.

    I hope Apple reads this MDN post.

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