“Samsung’s promotional efforts to pose celebrities at the Oscars next to its products took an embarrassing turn when the host of the event, Ellen DeGeneres, tweeted before, during and after the event from her iPhone,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppelInsider.

“DeGeneres’ scripted selfie-taking in front of the cameras at the Oscars (above) was prominently done using a Galaxy Note mini-tablet. The photo she captured was a blur, with DeGeneres comically hash tagging the selfie ‘#Oscars #Blessed #blurry,'” Dilger reports. “Backstage at the event, the host actually took selfies with her iPhone, and tweeted them out (below), as noted by Diaz.”

“Last year alone, Samsung spent $14 billion on marketing, a figure that investors have targeted as extravagantly excessive,” Dilger reports. “But even as the company works to reduce its marketing expenses, Samsung is struggling with expensive sponsorships where celebrities have put their free Galaxy back in the box to use iPhones.”

Ellen DeGeneres' backstage tweet from her iPhone

Ellen DeGeneres’ backstage tweet from her iPhone

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple iPhone. For your non-sponsored photos that really matter.

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