Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres uses sponsored Samsung onstage, tweets from her Apple iPhone backstage

“Samsung’s promotional efforts to pose celebrities at the Oscars next to its products took an embarrassing turn when the host of the event, Ellen DeGeneres, tweeted before, during and after the event from her iPhone,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppelInsider.

“DeGeneres’ scripted selfie-taking in front of the cameras at the Oscars (above) was prominently done using a Galaxy Note mini-tablet. The photo she captured was a blur, with DeGeneres comically hash tagging the selfie ‘#Oscars #Blessed #blurry,'” Dilger reports. “Backstage at the event, the host actually took selfies with her iPhone, and tweeted them out (below), as noted by Diaz.”

“Last year alone, Samsung spent $14 billion on marketing, a figure that investors have targeted as extravagantly excessive,” Dilger reports. “But even as the company works to reduce its marketing expenses, Samsung is struggling with expensive sponsorships where celebrities have put their free Galaxy back in the box to use iPhones.”

Ellen DeGeneres' backstage tweet from her iPhone
Ellen DeGeneres’ backstage tweet from her iPhone

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple iPhone. For your non-sponsored photos that really matter.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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        1. Sure she had a choice. If using the Samsung product was a condition of being able to host the show then she obviously said ‘yes’. If she didn’t want to use the product she could have said ‘no’ and not host the show (if that indeed was a stipulation of hosting the show).

          1. That level of brand loyalty to their cellphone is reserved strictly for rabid Fandroids (or Apple heads). For normal people, such an issue never even crosses their minds.

            Oscar hosts get paid somewhere between $25,000 (Seth MacFarlane last year) and $3,5 million (Billy Crystal in his best days). I don’t know how much Ellen made for last night’s gig, but it is clear that her loyalty to her iPhone wasn’t really worth that much money, especially since Samsung did NOT explicitly prohibit her from using her regular iPhone in private.

          2. Let us not forget; the money from Samsung wasn’t really for her (directly). Samsung was sponsor of the event. Her contract with the event organisers likely stipulated that she follow the script, in which she was to use Samsung device on stage. Actors (and other public figures) are sometimes called to drive a Lexus for a promotional event, even though in their private lives, they drive a BMW (and would never consider a Lexus). This doesn’t violate any particular moral code or common-sense rule. This is what they do for a living, and what good part of the audience understands (James Bond drove an Aston Martin in most, but not all Bond films; BMW paid massive amount of money, and Bond apparently switched to BMW for a while).

      1. I’m sorry, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she was contractually obligated (if Samsung was a sponsor for the event). Besides, I don’t care whether it’s Samsung or Flexolite Ping Pong Paddles: if a company offers you a bag of cash to say/do something to promote their product, most people are going to do it.

        I’d sooner laugh at the irony of the situation than get mad at a celebrity for doing what celebrities do.

    1. I was there at the awards last night and Ellen had other challenges besides smart phones, like being a smart funny host. She was pretty tepid. My female guest who was looking forward to seeing her as host was appalled and disappointed by the lack of Ellen octane on display last night. Granted Seth McFarlane was on overdrive last year. Oh and we never got any pizza either!

  1. Why not just dump cartons of money from the rafters? Samsung, you couldn’t have been more douchey if you tried. From Ellen to the ridiculous red carpet questions about how the Samsung crap-phone made a difference. Tihsllub.

  2. $14 billion? Just goes to show how much money Samsung has to throw around. It makes the recent < $1 billion IP settlement owed to Apple look ridiculously small, however.

  3. As an advertising ploy I can’t see what real benefit this would have. Are people going to think they can only take photos with a Samsung. It’s exposure admittedly, but it seems rather inconsequential. You would have think they would have learned by now to make sure the celebs stay of their iPhones in the surrounding period.

  4. In a similar vein, would it matter one jot if bloggers on Tumblr posted their photos taken by Samsung or Nokia or HTC phones rather than the iPhone 5C?

    The answer is no because the reason for the ad campaign is to raise awareness for your product through judicious product placement and photo ops that are influencing millions of potential buyers out there who are watching the Oscars.

    1. Advertise where you must, Yes, but the point is that the IP for the Samsung phone is stolen from the iPhone maker, overlooked by the judiciary, and an all out contradiction by the actress, because the Samsungware still doesn’t to compare well to the iPhone

  5. I’m sure Samsung’s contract is with The Oscars, not Degeneres. Any host or presenter on stage probably would have been obligated to use the prop in the script.

  6. Hollywood understands the word “plagiarism.” They understand copyright infringement. I think the message from Hollywood to Samsung is “go ahead. Steal our movies. We don’t care.” Maybe Apple should stop selling iPhones and iPads to them. Let ’em use that Samsung plastic crap.

  7. Oh, Samsung. You are so desperate for attention, but the harder you try for attention, the more you’re mocked for your attempts. You’re like the Miley Cyrus of phone manufacturers.


  8. This is not the first time that it happened to Samsung. They often play big money for celebrity endorsements and later someone uncovers the real truth that the paid celebrity actually uses an Apple device. While Apple never really does this (pays for a celebrity to use their device; they don’t need to), I’m pretty sure the opposite would never happen (as these people use Apple hardware anyway).

    The blurry image taken by the Samsung (on stage, in full stage light), compared to the clear image taken by the iPhone (backstage, with little to no light) may well be counter-productive for Samsung…

    1. In addition to the blurry image, she took a dozen sharp images with the Samsung – including one that became the most re-tweeted image/post in Twitter history. No mention of that here, I suppose. And NO I’m not saying it changes the point of the article – just saying at least be fair about it.

  9. So you’re only showing the single blurry pic she took during her opening monologue? Not the other fully clear pics she took with the samsung during the show – including the most retweeted post/photo in Twitter history?

    I love Apple as much as the next guy, but come on, guys. At least be fair.

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