Switzerland says Apple pledges to fix disruptions to rival payment app

The automatic launch of Apple Pay at point of sale terminals can interfere with payments made by the TWINT app. Following the intervention of the Competition Commission (COMCO) Secretariat, Apple is committed to offering a pro-competitive technical solution.

Apple offers with Apple Pay a mobile payment solution for its devices, in particular the iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple devices and their apps are set to launch Apple Pay automatically when held close to a POS terminal to allow a contactless payment.

Payments with the TWINT application are effectuated by scanning a QR-code that appears on the screen of the POS terminal. Until now, Apple Pay was likely to launch automatically and thus disrupt a current payment transaction made with the TWINT App.

Apple has committed to immediately provide a technical solution enabling TWINT to suppress Apple Pay during the payment transaction effectuated with TWINT. Due to these commit-ments, the secretariat decided to close the preliminary investigation against Apple.

Source: COMCO

MacDailyNews Take: QR Code. How quaint.

Superhighways humming with speedy luxury automobiles don’t work well for horse-drawn buggies, either.

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