California strikes deal with FCC to delay state’s ‘net neutrality’ law

“California has agreed to delay the enforcement of its ‘gold standard’ net neutrality bill, according to a statement from the law’s sponsor Sen. Scott Wiener,” Makena Kelly writes for The Verge. “The net neutrality rules were set to go into effect next year, but California officials have agreed to wait until the courts have resolved any pending litigation over the Federal Communications Commission’s roll back of the federal rules late last year.”

“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai cast the delay as a victory for the Commission. ‘This substantial concession reflects the strength of the case made by the United States earlier this month,’ Pai said. ‘It also demonstrates, contrary to the claims of the law’s supporters, that there is no urgent problem that these regulations are needed to address,'” Kelly writes. “‘I look forward to successful litigation on this issue and to the restoration of strong net neutrality protections in our state,’ Wiener said.”

“To some experts, this delay was expected. According to Harold Feld at Public Knowledge, the FCC’s net neutrality order can only be challenged in the D.C. circuit,” Kelly writes. “The pending litigation on the California law, if challenged, would have to be brought to the state’s district court, violating the Hobbs Act. Therefore, waiting for a decision on the federal rule is both parties’s safest bet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 50 states each with different laws is not the right way to go about this.

As we wrote last December regarding the call by U.S. Senator John Thune (R-SD) for the U.S. Congress to pass ‘net neutrality’ legislation:

Real net neutrality legislation is the solution to the FCC/FTC regulatory seesaw.

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  1. “States’ rights” baby and duty! Each state has the right to pass its own laws that benefit its people the best.

    Only the behemoth anti-neutrality corporation wants a behemoth law that overrides the rights and duties of states to pass their own legislation.

    1. And that’s why I’m voting against my Big Telco bought-and-paid-for Congress creeper next month.

      He has been nothing but a paid mouthpiece for Big Telco, and deserves to be looking for a new job come January.

  2. Yes, MDN but California is not just one of 50 states. It a state that often (er, sometimes) leads the way for the other states, and is big enough to do so.
    In a normal presidential administration it would be nice if they lead the way, but this is not a normal administration.
    I’m not passing judgment, just stating that is the way it is.

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