Customers tackle Apple Store robbers, make citizen’s arrest

“Customers tackle Apple Store robbers, make citizen’s arrest,” KSEE reports. “But Captain Garo Kuredjian was happy the shoppers got involved after three men walked into this Apple store at the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks and started snatching goods.”

“‘These items are relatively small and very expensive so if they get away with a few things in their hands these are very easy to transfer into cash,’ said Kuredjian, who’s with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office,” KSEE reports. “Detectives believe at least two stores were targeted Sunday. First, an Apple store in Northridge was hit at 1 p.m. – $10,000 worth of products were taken. Two hours later detectives believe the same men came to Thousand Oaks, but this time customers tackled two of them. Deputies pulled over the third in a getaway car leaving the mall. Detectives arrested three men and two women believed to be in the getaway car.”

“Investigators believe this wasn’t their first day,” KSEE reports. “They say the group has been doing this for weeks – which makes these Good Samaritan’s holding down would-be thieves Apple’s newest heroes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Somebody neglected to tell these four doofuses that the items are BRICKED once they leave the stores. That somebody would be Apple, who could save themselves and their customers and their employees a lot of grief if they made this fact widely known.

Protect your employees, customers, and copious retail store glass from idiots, Apple. Let the world know that stealing display devices is a fruitless endeavor!MacDailyNews, July 26, 2018

As we wrote back in October 2016 about Apple retail stores removing security tethers: “So, this’ll be great as soon as thieves understand that there’s no point in stealing devices from Apple retail locations. Until then, expect a bit more e-waste in trash bins around Apple locations.”

All of the products they grabbed have been bricked by Apple, rendering them inoperative. As usual, these criminals are stupid. Efficient e-waste generators? Yes. Criminal geniuses? No.MacDailyNews, December 9, 2016

Apple needs to publicize its retail store display device security measures to deter fruitless robberies – July 26, 2018
Why Apple retail locations can remove security tethers from their demo devices – October 17, 2016
Apple retail locations removing security tethers from iPhone display units – October 14, 2016


  1. Unless they can sell them to unsuspecting people who won’t know they’re bricked first.

    Wonder if Apple 🍏 will give these good samaritans a reward? It’s doubtful I’d risk injury to my life and limb for Apple products.

    1. Or move them as parts to shady 3rd party repair shops. Even if they don’t get as much as they might from selling a working phone, it’s not like they spent money on them in the first place.

  2. If Apple would hire a few ARMED guards who would tap a couple of these low life’s right between the eyes, this shit would end. Make sure the hi def video gets released and widely distributed.

    When the scum realize they can easily die trying to steal @ Apple, it will cease. In Texas the guards would probably do it for free.

  3. Those “four doofuses” might be a bit smarter than the doofuses at MDN who seem to forget Apple stores have plenty of valuable products besides mobile devices that can be bricked. Lot’s of expensive things that don’t need Apple’s servers to work just fine.

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